Cheat followers and likes on Instagram: free or paid


Cheating subscribers and likes on Instagram is “gray” promotion method. It is used by accounts that they want to quickly and cheaply (and it’s possible for free) subscribers and likes to posts, views and reactions to Storys.

You need to understand that all subscriptions and likes will be either from bots – “dead” accounts or from those who subscribe to everyone in a row, in order to make money on the same in the online service for wrapping followers for your Instagram. That is, in any case, for free or paid – you will receive inactive subscribers, who then do not will like / comment, watch a video and certainly nothing will buy.

If you need a program for cheating “live” and active followers on Instagram, then use the program or a service for massfollowing or massuling, not a service for wrapping up. But everyone needs to know how and what they wind up. Because then you can always distinguish a really popular account from wound. And this is important if you want to buy ads or work on a barter with a blogger, make SFS. If Instagram wound up – the effect of cooperation with its owner is not will be.

At the end of this article will be links to trusted sites. for safe wrapping paid and free. Cheat possible views Storis and likes on the last (new) photo on Instagram (“subscribing to likes”).

If you need help with cheating your account with bots or consultation on promotion on Instagram – you can order through Contact page.

Cheat subscribers and likes on Instagram: paid and is free

Cheat subscribers, likes, comments and video views and Stories for Instagram can be done both for free and for free. IN what’s the difference

For money, you simply indicate how many subscribers, etc. you need – and then the online service quickly fulfills the order.

Cheat Instagram for free will take time. You first you will subscribe to others from your account (perform tasks), and then earned “points” to spend on your Instagram. If you are offered cheat online for free and without tasks – it’s most likely unsafe. Fraudsters want to steal from your account – never trust them with your username and password. What if already done this – be sure to change the password to a new one.

Cheat subscribers / likes / comments / video views and Instagram stories

Followers on Instagram online

Followers on Instagram onlineMost often they wind it up subscribers, not likes / comments. Why is this needed? For ordinary users – just quickly see a beautiful figure. Everybody wants feel popular. There is no harm from anyone.

But for bloggers and business accounts, this is not only an image, but also the opportunity to “sell yourself more.” Bloggers Can Bet More high price tag for advertising on your Instagram, and business accounts more expensive to sell goods / services. But, unfortunately, such wound accounts are visible with the naked eye. They have few likes and comments, no activity.

I do not recommend cheating subscribers for two reasons:

  • it becomes impossible to track real statistics account (they got bots up and they’re constantly unsubscribing or cleans Instagram, it is unclear how many live subscribers came)
  • with subscribers you have to buy and likes / views videos and views Storys

But for a business account, at the very beginning, you can buy 1000 subscribers, so that it is not completely empty. Plus links to your site in Storys can be added only if there are 10,000 subscribers.

Tip for bloggers: most major advertisers see if the account is wound. It’s better to spend energy on creating interesting content and advertising. If you really want an Author Account – then wind subscribers up to 10 000.

Approximate prices: from 8-100 rubles. for 100pcs. bots live subscribers (offers) can be even more expensive.

Cheat likes on Instagram online

Cheat likes on Instagram online 2019If you did not cheat bots and you have subscribers “live”, then the photos will like approximately 5-10% of them. If the likes are much less, then subscribers are wound up. And for commercial accounts and publics – more less, about 1%.

The cheating of likes and views of Storis on Instagram helps to hide cheating subscribers.

But I recommend trying cheat likes, even if you don’t cheated subscribers. Because it’s the likes that will quickly help get into the TOP-9 on Hashtagamigeolocation. And from the top to you live subscribers may come. If your photo is at least not inferior to others from the TOP-9.

There is even a cheat on the last photo – called “subscribe to likes.” You pay immediately, choose the amount posts for likes. Each time the online service will check for a new post and put on it the desired number of likes.

Approximate prices: from 7-29 rubles. for 100pcs. bots live subscribers (offers) can be even more expensive.

Cheat comments on Instagram online

Cheat comments on Instagram online 2019To really to mask the cheat of subscribers, you can cheat and comments. But they will be monosyllabic and not related to the photo. Like “Great!”, “Beautiful photo!” etc. If a person knows what cheating is, then he recognizes such comments immediately. And if potential customers may not be aware that advertisers will see.

Therefore, I do not advise bloggers to cheat comments. A it is better for business accounts to ask friends to comment on the first time, and create a couple of accounts for these purposes. Then u you will have meaningful comments: “how much is it?”, “is there different color? “,” can I reserve a product? “etc. Such comments will create the appearance of popularity of your products / services. A the first time, when there are no real buyers yet, for a business account is very important.

Approximate prices: from 90rub. for 100pcs.

Cheat Instagram video views online

Wrapping video views and stories on Instagram online 2019It seems that with all these cheats of yours only video views – real indicator of activity in the account. Unfortunately, you can watch videos on Instagram to wind up online. Therefore for me only meaningful comments and communication are real proof audience engagement.

Approximate prices: from 5rub. for 100pcs.

Cheat views Instagram on Instagram

Stories also wind up. View and even polls in Straws you can wind up very cheaply. Such wrapping is not done as often as cheating posts, but still, and this is possible.

And if suddenly Storis in your account began to receive a lot views from strangers and sometimes even stars on which you signed – that’s Massulking.

Sites (services) of safe wrapping of subscribers and likes in Instagram online

There are a lot of sites offering a cheat service on Instagram. How to distinguish honest from scammers to cheat quickly and safely? If you are asked to enter a username and password – service doubtful. If with masslinking without this anywhere, then for cheating subscribers and likes, you can do without a username / password (it is needed only with free cheating for tasks, for example in Bosslike , about it below). The wrapping itself should always be on the link – you just add to service link to your post or account.

I offer you two proven services for fast and safe. Cheat Instagram from a computer in which you will need register using mail (you do not need an Instagram password!). With their help, you can wind up other social networks, but we’ll talk about Instagram. – Instagram cheat free and paid

Instagram cheat site for free quickly and safely

? Bosslike

Verified site – we did it through it back in 2016. Convenient design, you can easily and quickly wind up Instagram not only paid, but also free!

To cheat Instagram for free, you first need to “work.” The bottom line is that you are first from your account like \ subscribe, and then “earned” spend already on cheating on your account. And you can perform tasks with fake account, so as not to litter your. And earned use to cheat another account. Do you want the living subscribers, but not for money – use mass lashing and mass lashing.

For trial wrapping you can perform several tasks in services immediately wind your Instagram on earned points.

service for cheating likes and followers on Instagram safely 2019

To earn points for free wrapping:

  1. Click on the “Job Exchange” button at the top.
  2. In the left column, select “Instagram” and select the task.
  3. Further in the list of tasks, press the blue button “- points. ”
  4. You will need to log in via Instagram – after all, it’s from your you will like / subscribe and earn points.
  5. Then complete the tasks and as soon as accumulate points (at least 100 for a start), go to the “paid” cheat below (starting from item 2).

For paid wrapping everything is fast and safely:

  1. In the upper right corner, click Buy Points. Fill out the form and transfer money.
  2. At the top, click the “My Tasks” button.
  3. In the left column, select Instagram and the wrapping you need – likes (“I like”), followers or comments. Cheat No video views.
  4. Fill out the form: insert the link to the post (from the web version, e.g., speed execution (higher – faster will be completed) and quantity likes / subscriptions / comments.
  5. Click “Create a task” and you’re done! Wait while the performers will wind up your account.

? Detailed wrapping instructions followers and likes on Instagram in Bosslike

SMMLaba – paid Instagram cheat

Sites (services) for cheating subscribers and likes on Instagram

? SMMlaba

On this site you can order the cheat of subscribers and likes in Instagram both by “live” users and by bots (cheaper). Bots are usually fast, and “live” (offers) slower. it paid service.

You can order likes / subscribers / comments / video views and stories / save. Subscribe to likes – you pay once and on new posts on Instagram you will automatically wind up likes. There is also a cheat of coverage, surveys in Stories, views of Stories, Live, IGTV.

You can choose where the subscribers will come from. If you account in Russian, it is better to buy Russian.

Cheaper Instagram cheat options (bots, “fast”) – then there will be many blocked and deleted accounts in subscribers. If you don’t care which accounts like / subscribe – then you can order a quick cheat of bots, it is the cheapest.

cheat instagram new photo 2019

How to order Instagram wrapping:

  1. What you need? Select the Instagram icon, dimming / followers / comments / video views or Stories / Preservation. There is even a cheat on a new photo or views on a new video (subscription to likes / views)
  2. The minimum number of likes / subscriptions for the order is 100.
  3. Choose the option you want, click “order”.
  4. Enter the number (likes, followers, etc.) and add link to the post (from the web version, for example Again “Order.”
  5. The order has been added to the basket, go to it (at the top right of logo link).
  6. You can pay the wrap and without registration, all are available the options are a card, Y. Money, a mobile bill, etc.

With this service you can not cheat Instagram is free. But the prices are very low and sometimes like the likes, how to spend time completing tasks in services with free wrapping.

You can do cheat on Instagram subscribers not only with computer, but also using applications on a smartphone. The bottom line is the same – like others (earn points) or buy points, then you like (spend points).

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