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Best friends on Instagram is a separate section where the owner profile can put friends and relatives. Separate chat available publications only for loved ones, sharing stories.

How to see best friends on Instagram

To view the list, you need to create and specify users who see personal stories will be able to leave comments. The section and its participants are visible only to the owner account.

The function is a separate category in “Settings”. By opening an additional menu, the owner pages can be viewed by participants, removed from the list and add.

Best Friends privacy settings:

  • stories and actuals that they cannot see outsiders;
  • publications marked with a green label;
  • private messages and chats.

Instagram Best Friends ListInstagram Best Friends List

The Best Friends list can also be found in “Settings” – Account. By the same principle there is a section in the menu where you can see recommended subscribers and create your lists. User who was logged in – tagged green star.

If the category “Best Friends” is not on Instagram, then the version Applications is deprecated. You need to go to the Play Market or the App Store, to see available Instagram updates.

How to add best friends on Instagram

To create a list of users with increased access to publications:

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  1. Log in to the social network.
  2. Open the Settings menu – Best Friends. Instagram best friends sectionInstagram best friends section
  3. Mark from the list of recommended users.

The system selects “Recommended” from subscribers and subscriptions. IN this category includes those users with whom most often correspondent account owner.

To share a Story or video with Best friends “:

  1. Open “Stories” – create publication. The Instagram Stories Best Friends SectionThe Instagram Stories Best Friends Section
  2. Choosing: “Where to place” – indicate “Best friends”.

Now only a limited number of photos or videos will see users. For publications:

  1. Select a photo or video to post. Share with Instagram best friendsShare with Instagram best friends
  2. Go to “Add Description” – under the input line is “Share with best friends.”

So, you can sort the feed and send important messages only close ones.

How to find out who added to “Best Friends”: if the owner of another account added to the list – his name will be displayed first in “Recommended.” But this does not apply to cases if there is no correspondence or messaging with another user rarely.

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How to remove from Best Friends on Instagram

You can remove users from the list of “Best Friends” way: open the section and click the button next to the nickname. By adding friends and subscribers, the account owner can edit the list at any time.

Instructions on how to adjust a section:

  1. Go to “Best Friends”. Remove from Instagram Best FriendsRemove from Instagram Best Friends
  2. Next to another user’s nickname, click Delete

If too many friends are added to the section, you can use the search. By clicking on the line, enter the first letters nickname. A list of Instagram members will also appear. can add. The search query includes not only subscribers and subscriptions, but also unfamiliar, popular users.

Best friends on Instagram – a convenient tool for posting personal or important information. Publication will not be able to see and comment on visitors.

She cannot be shared with those who are not on the list of “Best friends. “This means that photos and videos will be strictly confidential. and will not appear to strangers.

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