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Every third post – selling? Or every fifth? Where in general take themes for a content plan on Instagram?

One of the “whales” on which Instagram promotion is built is competent content plan. Even if illiterate – if he is, then this is a good start.

Everyone wants to keep their Instagram at ease – clicked photo, wrote “good morning!” and right there 100500 subscribers, thousands likes and comments. And if you are Olga Buzova, then no further read. And everyone else needs to make a little more effort to advancement.

The main rules of good content are constancy and relevance. Those. you must do at the same time content plan for a couple of weeks in advance (and ideally for a month), and quickly Respond to news and trends. There’s “evergreen” content, which is always interesting. And there is hot news that is already late to discuss tomorrow and all the cream will be collected by those who make the post about it today. Therefore, to get the most out of your account, do not relax! Disappear for a few days – and increase coverage it will be very difficult.

Android app? Posters will help quickly prepare a content plan for Instagram. You will make covers posts and Stories in the same style independently without a designer and You can no longer think about the visual for content.

Content plan is needed primarily for self-discipline and competent distribution of different types of content. With him you will not be convulsive try to suck out another post from your finger and you won’t be lost on week, if you suddenly get sick or go on vacation. All posts can put in advance for publication.

Tables by reference are just a few options for the template. content plan for Instagram.

? Table: Content plan for Instagram

You cannot edit this table. To use press it in any cell, then Ctrl + A (select all), after Ctrl + C (copy). Create a new table on Google disk or in Excel Press Ctrl + V (paste). So you copy this table yourself and you can use it to create a content plan for Instagram.

content plan for Instagram example

Types of posts for the content plan on Instagram

  1. Selling
  2. Involving / Entertaining
  3. Teaching / Informational

You can categorize posts to organize content. But don’t let rubrics and tight schedules kill new ideas. Can move away from the plan, publish “hot news” while they are relevant.

What is most valued on Instagram is sincerity and originality. Do not be afraid to defend your point of view. Even some subscribers will blame you for something, don’t worry – that means this is not your target audience and they will never buy your product / service. It’s better to gather a small group around you like-minded people, than being afraid to scare away unnecessary haters.

Choose a time for posts depending on your account statistics. and analysis of the behavior of their subscribers. In general, in the evening and in weekend is better for entertaining content, and on weekdays in the morning – informational and marketing. The frequency of publications is 1-2 per day for most accounts.

Selling posts

content plan for Instagram selling post

The goal of each business account is to sell. No one you have nothing will buy if you are not selling anything. With the help of selling posts need to do from customer’s subscriber: show product in in a favorable light, talk about its properties, write prices and how to order.

Types of selling posts:

  • Card (description) of goods
  • Stocks
  • Discounts
  • Customer reviews
  • Product Announcement
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Post about me / about us
  • etc.

Be sure to write the prices. If you have them unfixed, then though would write a price plug. A person must immediately understand if he can afford what you sell. Few people want to spend time and write to you in direct / instant messengers.

Remember: the price did not write – the customer lost.

Traditionally recommend every third to fifth post – selling. But this is just the average temperature in the hospital. If you a relatively cheap average check – (for example, jewelry), then each The post may be selling. And if the average check is expensive (10 000 rubles), then the selling post may be once a month. For example, if you once a month you recruit a group for courses, then a few days before the start start making reminder posts about the set. After you can these delete posts completely, because they will no longer be relevant.

It’s important to sync selling posts and ads. (targeting or bloggers). The person who came by the ad must see why he came. Those. last post with the same picture as in the advertisement. In the description, detailed information about what’s in the advertising post.

A lot of controversy over whether there should be in the store’s account information / entertainment posts or just a catalog needed goods. My opinion is that only new pictures goods / promotions / discounts, and in the description of the post you can integrate entertaining and informational content. For example, for clothing tell how to care or ask what color they want to see this model etc. Because by subscribing to a store account, people want to keep track of new arrivals, not dive into history fashion. But this does not apply to needlewomen / shops with minimal assortment, etc.

Involving / Entertaining Content

Such posts are needed to increase account engagement. Instagram – likes, comments. Try making viral content, that they want to share with friends.

entertainment content instagram content plan

Examples of entertainment content:

  • polls
  • ask the opinion of subscribers (especially for current Topics)
  • news
  • lists (list of films, list of useful programs, list of places for walks.)
  • humor and memes (not suitable for any account)
  • contests / giva
  • interesting life stories
  • motivation / inspiration
  • holiday greetings
  • stories from subscribers / buyers (“custom content “)

In the entertainment post, you can add the selling part – in a poll asking which product you like more in givas gift do your product / service, etc.

Educational / Informational Content

content plan for Instagram training post

Information content works best in accounts, selling services, i.e. that which cannot be seen and touched. because that you need to create trust, the image of a specialist (for trainers, consultants).

Examples of informational content:

  • instructions
  • life hacks
  • training materials
  • advice
  • reviews
  • guest posts from experts
  • cases (examples from personal experience)

Any post can be both entertaining and informational, and marketing. There are no clear boundaries of what is possible and what it is impossible what is right and what is not. But don’t try to get everything and right away. If the post is informational, then it can be selling, because in it you show yourself as a specialist (if you consultant). But do not write in the same post about your services or courses. Let the reader digest the information, and then already “heated” (i.e. convinced of your professionalism) will see a separate selling post and possibly become a customer.

where to get ideas for Instagram posts

Where to look for topics for new posts?

Ideally, content should be handled by someone who knows a lot and actively interested in the topic of the account. Account Content A fitness trainer or doctor cannot be assigned to someone else. You you can order assistance in the preparation of a content plan, instruct some photos and postponed posting. But only you know that really interesting to your subscribers what topics are now relevant etc.

?Instagram Business Content Ideas

Sources of new topics for posts:

  1. Followers Feel free to ask what they are interested in. Suggest post options and vote.
  2. Competitors. But do not copy them, write as you see with your the belfry. And their most popular posts can be found through? livedune (three accounts are free, plus paid tariffs now a 15% discount on the grammar promo code – write us if it doesn’t work).
  3. Groups in social networks / forums – the gold mine of new topics for posts, it’s immediately clear what is now relevant.
  4. Google the calendar of holidays and birthdays of famous people, look at what you can write about (especially relevant for bloggers).
  5. Your posts a year ago. The audience is updated, so you can use your own old posts. But do not just copy, but overshoot posts – add how your opinion has changed from experience, tell me what has passed the test of time. Compare yourself then and now (if you are a stylist, makeup artist, etc.). Nostalgia – a very popular topic on which you can collect a lot comments.
  6. The trending section on YouTube recommended on Instagram.
  7. Employees and colleagues / partners, bloggers. Do guest posts invite authors to choose topics themselves
  8. Ready-made ideas for posts: spring, autumn, winter, summer.

Ultra-Actual Posts (What You Need To Tell About today since tomorrow everyone will know) go out of common Instagram content plan. But they must be sure, so you getting close with subscribers and they see that you are with them live the same events.

To make it easier to work with an already prepared content plan, Use postponed posting services. With their help, you can already put ready-made posts for publication at any time.

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