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Danila Kozlovsky was born on May 3, 1985 in Moscow, however, the actor’s childhood and youth passed in St. Petersburg. By at the insistence of his parents he attended the naval military Kronstadt corps. The military profession did not attract the guy graduation, contrary to the entreaties of relatives, went comprehend acting at the theater academy St. Petersburg. Danila Kozlovsky Instagram The first experience in the movie with Danila took place at the age of 6 when he played in the series “Simple truths.” Camera motor sound, spotlight and atmosphere the movie set forever remained in the boy’s heart and subsequently decided his fate.

To his 29 years, the actor starred in many films, the most famous of which: “Legend No. 17”, “Dubrovsky”, “We are from future “,” Five brides “, “Duhless.” Kozlovsky prefers to star in high-quality film projects, and directors eagerly call him to the main roles. Kozlovsky on Instagram Now Kozlovsky opened up new horizons – Hollywood. A couple of years ago he played a vampire in the Hollywood thriller Academy vampires. “It helped expand his audience to the whole world, and the movie, for sure, will get a couple of sequels that Kozlovsky will help strengthen the position. Without attention there was also his commercial where he starred with Kira Knightley. Media exploded enthusiastic reviews.

Danila Kozlovsky on Instagram: who does he play here?

Like all young stars, Danila leads Instagram a long time and willingly shares interesting moments of his life. Photo blogger can find frames, both from workdays and juicy weekend photos. This is the backstage of the shoot, and the poster. performances, and relaxation, and meetings with friends. Between new the actor’s publications can take a break of several months, but finally forgets about the photo blog and always comes back. Instagram Danila Kozlovsky Now Danila Kozlovskyfills her Instagram photos from a trip to America with his girlfriend, and this exotic places, attractions, romantic sunsets and other bright moments. The actor does not forget about the announcements of events, in which is involved. Kozlovsky on Instagram At the moment, more than 755 thousand fans already subscribed to InstagramKozlovsky. Himself the actor in the comments under the photo does not communicate with fans, but adequate participants correspond with each other, mainly in positive channel.

Account: @danilakozlovsky

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