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It’s no secret that social networks collect information about users. Among the available database information: geolocation, Last visited pages, personal data, preferences. On the Based on the data collected, recommendations, advertising are selected. Copies remain on the mobile device, filling up memory unnecessary files.

Instructions on how to clear Instagram Search History will help free up storage space, reconfigure “Recommendations.”

Ways to clear history

Users are offered two ways:

  • Clear your app’s search history. All will be deleted. search queries, saved profiles of other users;
  • Delete line items. Mark in red cross “those items to be cleaned.

Optional – you can clear the phone’s memory using the application. The method is available through the standard “Settings” and Ccleaner Utilities, Memory Optimization.

Instagram Search HistoryInstagram Search History

By deleting data from a smartphone, the user will also lose login and password.

Clear app history

You can delete people search history on Instagram via “Settings”. In this case, only requests will be cleared and Most visited pages.

Instructions on how to clear Instagram history:

  1. Log in to the application.
  2. Account Category – History search. Instagram Search HistoryInstagram Search History
  3. Clear – confirm the action. Clear Instagram Search HistoryClear Instagram Search History

After that, in the Hashtags and search section requests will be deleted all information. For users using multiple accounts at once – the procedure is necessary hold in two profiles separately.

Cleaning does not affect the algorithm of the proposed news, over time The Recommended section is updated to the previous state.

Hide individual searches

In the settings you can delete individual items. For example, profile of another user or group.

To clean in this way:

  1. Go to the “Search” section – click on the top string. Instagram search historyInstagram search history
  2. The lists will appear: “Recommended”, “Subscriptions you know.”
  3. Next to each nickname is a cross, with which deletion occurs. Delete search query on InstagramDelete search query on Instagram
  4. By clicking, the search query will immediately disappear.

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In the future, this link will not appear when searching. The category will be replenished with new profiles and hashtags, like only the owner of the profile will ask a new phrase or write a nickname another user. If you don’t clear your searches, TOP records will include only those that are navigating most often.

Delete data and cache on Instagram

Another option to delete Instagram Search History is clear the cache of the mobile device. According to quantity data storage size can range from a couple of megabytes to several gigabytes. It affects not only the selection “Recommendations”, but also the speed of work a smartphone.

In order not to worry about constant optimization, you should:

  • set in the settings of the mobile device “Automatic memory cleansing”;
  • use programs to delete temporary files;
  • delete unwanted information yourself: photos, programs and file copies.

Clever Instagram cacheClever Instagram cache

The “Delete data” section is located in: “Settings” – Cache or separately by application. Choose among the list of “Instagram” and the category of files, which need to be cleaned: either temporary files or information about application completely.

A radical method to delete information is to reinstall Instagram All previous files will not be restored, but history Search in your account will be saved.

Via phone settings

Free up space on your smartphone is available through standard parameters. IOS and Android devices have a different cleaning system only sections where to go.

Removing Instagram History on iPhones:

  1. Settings – Basic.
  2. Storage and iCloud – Manage.
  3. Select from the list Instagram – click on the value – Delete data.

Available only on the latest versions of the operating system. If there is no file deletion function – only deletion or utility will help Battery Doctor.

Clear history on Android:

  1. Settings – Device.
  2. Storage and memory – Optional. Drive and cache removal for InstagramDrive and cache removal for Instagram
  3. In the list that appears, select “Cache” and click on him. This will clear the information.

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To select separately by application:

  1. Category: “Device” – Applications.
  2. Find in the list “Instagram” – Memory. Delete Instagram data on the phoneDelete Instagram data on the phone
  3. Erase data or clear cache.

Choosing the first item, passwords and logins will also be deleted. Them must be re-entered to connect to your profile in social network. Deleting temporary files will be destroyed only copies of files, search queries and “Recommendations.”

Cache Cleanup Programs

Applications designed to remove redundant information may have functions: memory optimization schedule, selective cleaning, continuous monitoring of the status of RAM.

The list of popular utilities for Android includes:

  • Clean Master. Simple real-time utility time “;
  • Ccleaner mobile version. Interpretation with computer designed to restore the file system, delete temporary information and data;
  • DU Speed ​​Booster. Constantly working, affects system performance, controls the appearance of copies and files in section “Other”.

DU Speed ​​application for clearing the cache on InstagramDU Speed ​​application for clearing the cache on Instagram

Using one of the proposed applications, the owner of the device will be able to set up quick cleaning on schedule.

To get rid of unnecessary files, search queries and Instagram search history with DU Speed:

  1. Download and install DU Speed.
  2. The “Start” button will appear – allow access to system files.
  3. After analyzing the status of the system, select the function “Cleaning”. System Accelerator and cleaning for InstagramSystem Accelerator and cleaning for Instagram
  4. The application will clear all previously saved data and unnecessary files.

DU SpeeD is in standby mode, user can check the current status of charging, notifications and acceleration a smartphone.

In the cleaning settings, you can see the applications that consume memory the most, after which you can selectively clear Instagram search history.

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