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Free hands on Instagram – what is this function and how is it works, you can figure it out if you run Storis. The main task – help the user while shooting video.

Function Description: Hands Free

Unlike other social networks, Instagram is missing standard ability to shoot video without a long press on the button. Applies only to Stories, where to start the shooting mode, you need pinch: “Start.”

With the hands-free mode, the user just has to click on launch to start video recording.

“Free hands” on Instagram are useful for:

  • shooting videos with masks. Add a mask before recording and start shooting;
  • for the main camera. If you do not shoot video through frontal;
  • to record stories where the user needs to gesticulate or to tell something, so as not to hold on to the Start button.
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Recording will end when the user clicks on “Stop”. That is, it can be non-standard 15 second video for Stories When is the time to shoot one story ends – the next 15 seconds will be added in the second part.

-> Инстаграм или Инстаграмм

How to use hands-free mode on Instagram

To find the mode among the rest, you should:

  1. Open Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to Storis – scroll down below the available modes. Hands free on Instagram modeHands free on Instagram mode
  3. Select: Hands-free.

In addition to the specified format, there are others: reverse shooting, standard with visual effects.

How to use “Handsfree” on Instagram:

  1. Run mode – click on the big button “Start”.
  2. Remove the desired material – press: “Stop”.

Now the received record can be saved or published in Stories. To add a mask while shooting: go to History – Free hands – before recording go to the mask and select the one you need. As with other modes, the user can Add text, stickers, and filters. To save the video – click on the appropriate button before publishing.

But in this mode, shooting photos and automatic disable recording. To take a photo – you need to switch to standard format.

Created segments can be deleted and edited separately. Remove a certain part of the video is possible through a long press on selected segment. An icon will appear below “Baskets” to be noted for removal.

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