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With the latest updates, users are increasingly faced with problem – do not put likes on Instagram. Occurs in three reasons: the profile is blocked, the limit is “To me like “and comments, technical glitch. Last option applies to “Subscribe” when “Action blocked” appears on the screen.

Causes of error

The reasons why Instagram is not liked:

  • the user has exceeded the “Like” limit and comments. The social network fights with bots and spam, therefore Blocking can affect overly active participants. Also limit set for those whose profile has been registered for less than three weeks
  • the technical error. An error may appear during updates, forbidding to subscribe or like;
  • account is blocked. Block Notification May Not appear, but some of the features will be limited.

Action blocked by InstagramAction blocked by Instagram

In order not to fall under the lock, the user must remember about established limits, which include within 60 minutes:

  1. Leave more than fifty comments.
  2. Put more than 150 likes.
  3. Up to 800 people subscribe and unsubscribe per day amount.

If the restrictions are not respected, the profile may be blocked for 24 hours, two days or a week. Permanent violation of limits leads to full account lockout, without the possibility of recovery. An error occurs when the user has not overcome the limit.

Method 1: update the application

One of the reasons why likes are not put on Instagram or “Action blocked” may become an old version of the application.

The user should:

  1. Open a content store: Play Market or AppStore.
  2. Enter “Instagram” in the search – if in the description To the application there was a button “Update”, then select it.
  3. Otherwise: “Delete” – Install. Reinstall InstagramReinstall Instagram

When reinstalling, an automatic update occurs.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Method 2: contact technical support

If the user has not used wrapping or other services for getting likes, subscribers – should be written in technical support on Instagram. When appears on the screen “Action is blocked”, select “Send complaint.” In the input field indicate that an error occurs regardless of the user’s actions.

-> Смайлики в Instagram

Report a problem through the Instagram appReport a problem through the Instagram app

Second option: wait 24 hours when the lock stops act. Also, the user can try to subscribe repeatedly. If you do not put likes on Instagram within a week – write to technical specialists.

Method 3: reset your password

There is a possibility that the page has been hacked. For guard personal profile is recommended to install two-factor authentication, use only complex combinations for the password. If you have access to the profile, do not put likes on Instagram or unable to subscribe – change password.

For this:

  1. Open Settings – Password. Password on InstagramPassword on Instagram
  2. Indicate the current, come up with a new one. Create a new password on InstagramCreate a new password on Instagram
  3. Confirm combination – checkmark at the top Done.

In the case when access to the personal page is not it turns out:

  1. Launch Instagram.
  2. Click “Forgot” under the password entry line.
  3. Enter a valid email address or number mobile.
  4. Enter the received code and change the login data.

It is important that the email or number matches the ones to which registered page. In the future, change the password once a month and check activity using: Account Data – Logins and exits. Actions on InstagramActions on Instagram

Like, but not displayed

One of the errors that occurs when users work with Instagram: Like was put, but not displayed.

Reasons may include:

  • double tap on the screen. User accidentally made two clicks on the screen;
  • smartphone freezing. The phone is slowly loading information or Internet connection is weak.

The main problem is connection speed and double tap. Also, blocking on actions is possible if the user exceeded limit in likes.

How to check for a block on an action:

  1. Exit the application – restart the smartphone.
  2. Reconnect to the Internet – go to Instagram.
  3. Like it.

-> Как настроить бесплатную версию Leongram и запустить накруткуon Instagram

If the action is blocked, the corresponding screen will appear. notification. The same applies to the “inhibition” in the smartphone: Reboot and, if possible, clear the cache.

To remove unnecessary information, you need:

  1. Open the “Settings” smartphone.
  2. Memory and storage – Additional information.
  3. Temporary files – delete.

This method additionally frees up space for working with social networks and sites.

Latest Like News

Facebook and Instagram plan to get rid of the “Me like “in the latest updates. The test version of the application is already launched in European countries. But like it will be possible only the counter will disappear. Profile owner will be available information about the number of likes.

What the innovation will affect:

  • advertisers will not be able to view information on likes;
  • other users will not be able to see the list with “I like”;
  • publication rating system will be “useful” and “capacious” content, not popular.

Failure of likes gradually occurs on Facebook, where indicated in the new version, only friends who have marked the publication. To statistics and the ranking of posts in the Feed now affects the “utility” for subscribers – the number of comments and saves.


To prevent an error from appearing on Instagram, you need to disable cheat services (if any), try to subscribe to other accounts. It happens that like or become the subscriber of a specific user does not work.

Track the number of subscribers on your page. If the audience is growing rapidly, maybe someone put a cheat without knowledge of the owner. Similar measures are applied in order to fully page lock upon the creation of bots and cheating.

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