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Many Instagram users often come across some problems that prevent them from normal communication in beloved social. network: then you can’t subscribe to a friend, then the activation code does not come on the phone, then the likes are not put in Instagram. Why it happens? Of course, everything can be debited to application glitches, however, there are many issues and human factor.

Three main reasons why people don’t like Instagram:

Why do not put likes on Instagram1. Here is just the first write off the item for glitches. Yes, that happens. Solution – wait.

2. Check your internet connection! Yes, you are here too tell me that I am writing an article for stupid and clear business, here through Internet sit. But, believe me, this happens! No connection (or with unstable, for example, mobile connection) the heart can first turn red and then again white.

3. And this item is the most likely. You have exceeded the limit. Instagram sets the following limit on hearts: 150 pieces at one o’clock. Remember this especially if you use third-party applications or programs (especially free) for cheating likes. Of course, if you are an avid instagrammer and follow a few thousand people, then yes, you yourself can violate this rule.

There is only one solution – wait. Usually first Instagram blocks the account for half an hour – an hour. And soon you will be back again You can express your sympathy to subscribers, but from now on break the limits! Consider something—

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