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I am sure that many have repeatedly tried to use Retrica on your computer, but unfortunately there is no special versions for computers. Although you should not be upset, because we show and teach you how to use Retrica on your a computer. It’s very easy to install Retiriku on your phone consider in detail the instructions for installing on a computer.

download a retrick to your computer for free It’s about Effective BlueStacks emulator. Thanks to him, you can run almost all applications, including Retricadirectly on your computer in a separate window. This program has similar properties with Google Play. I note that in the updated Bluestax version has Google Play Market + root administrator rights. This means that you can install, even those applications, to who need a root. Agree, a worthy replacement for smartphone & tablet. But the program also has disadvantages. Of course, believe that the program perfectly copies the Android operating system – silly, since a lot of it has not yet been finalized. Yes, and software, very exacting to iron. It’s not so easy on a “weak” PC to run. But, simple games and programs, he easily will play on your computer.

Retrica Launch Instructions on Computer

  • Download and Install BlueStacks Emulator. (Download BlueStacks )
  • Download .Apk file Applications.
  • Once you install “Bluestacks”, near .apk files this icon will be displayed
  • Make sure the webcam is connected! Otherwise, you can’t You can take pictures of yourself.
  • Open Retrica_Original.apk, after which, should this window will appear: Install BlueStaks
  • Once the installation is complete, in the lower right corner should A notification appears stating that the installation completed successfully.
  • Click on This window and the application will start. In the future, you You can open other applications in the Bluestacks menu. BlueStaks on the computer
  • To save the image after the photo, click on the icon “Send”, after which you will see the next picture: Edit photo in retric
  • Click on Send to Windows and save the photo in any folder on the computer.

Here, in fact, the whole step-by-step installation instruction Retrica on the computer. The main thing is that you are not very weak computer, otherwise, the Bluestacks emulator will freeze or not will start. In any case, you can come here to help you. solve this problem.

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