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Instagram is the second most popular social network in the world, thanks to which you can tell the world about what is happening in of life. Allows you to share the best moments in a few touches life with subscribers, find out news and even promote your business in the Internet.

You can download Instagram apk for Android in the official store games and applications of the Play Market.

Key features of Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network with a lot of convenient opportunities that allow you to communicate with your audience and share with subscribers with bright moments of life in seconds.

We present to your attention the main features of Instagram:

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  • publication of an unlimited number of posts: photos and Short videos lasting up to 60 seconds;
  • share the publication; Share this post on InstagramShare this post on Instagram
  • edit photos using the built-in filters;
  • mark the name of any user in the photo;
  • personal tape in which the user can see evaluate and comment on any post of the person on whom he Signed Commenting on InstagramCommenting on Instagram
  • viewing thematic tapes: “Dancing”, “Style”, “Music”, “Humor”, “Science and Technology”, “Auto”, “Sports”, “Beauty”, “TV and Films”, “Do it yourself”, “Fitness”, “Food”;
  • creating stories that are automatically deleted after 24 hours from the date of its publication;
  • adding text, drawings, and various effects to the story;
  • conduct polls in clickable and animated stories buttons and pictures;
  • live broadcasts alone or with a friend;
  • sending private messages to other users in Direct; Posting to Direct InstagramPosting to Direct Instagram
  • Track the actions of the people the user is following by going to the “Subscriptions” section;
  • make your profile private (“Closed account”) so that hide photos from third parties;
  • Hide the status of “Online”;
  • Search for posts and posts by hashtags;
  • connect two-factor authentication to protect personal user data from hacking;
  • list of recommendations for the user; Recommendations for the user on InstagramRecommendations for the user on Instagram
  • become a popular blogger (s) with Instagram apk, which can be downloaded in the official game store and applications for devices based on the Android operating system – Play Market.

-> Скачать Инстаграм для Андроид

Advantages and disadvantages of the APK version

The main advantage of the Instagram APK version is a huge number of filters and tools for instant processing images. Small videos shot on a mobile phone’s camera, the user without any problems can turn into full videos that subscribers will definitely appreciate.

No less surprising advantage of Instagram photo service for Android is an IGTV platform designed for creativity and creating long videos that will help attract more viewers and subscribers. IGTV new feature on InstagramIGTV new feature on Instagram

Note! IGTV function supports vertical video in full screen mode, optimal for mobile devices.

It is worth noting that photos and videos on Instagram can be done with using the front and main cameras. After that, the user in one touch can apply a variety of filters that allow make a simple picture pretty professional a photograph.

-> Компьютерная версия Инстаграма: скачать бесплатно

Moreover, in one of the latest versions, developers increased video time from 45 to 60 seconds. Thus joining a large audience of users from around the world, the user will appreciate many benefits of a multi-million dollar social network the audience.

Download APK Instagram

Instagram APK is one of the best versions of the popular social a network that is equipped with advanced features. Today over one billion registered on Instagram users. Therefore, we recommend downloading and installing a free mobile app right now.

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