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StoryArt Instagram mobile app designed to create Stories, Actual. The catalog is paid and free options that can be edited.

Description of StoryArt

With the advent of the “History” and “Actual” functions on Instagram, became popular advertising publications, design for sections. IN Play Market and AppStore have released apps for templates. Story Art – a tool for creating publications in one style, quick cover search for News.

Application Features:

  • sets of templates for a given topic. In one “Collection” can be up to 50 different options;
  • adding and editing photos when posting on template;
  • paid packages with unique design and weekly updates;
  • tools for creating labels: color, font, position;
  • preview image before placement;
  • catalog of covers and tools for them.

The Story Art app for Instagram is the mainThe Story Art app for Instagram is the main

Users can also select by categories: watercolor paints, for girls and guys, holiday cards, minimalism, retro and others. Grouped by used filters, type templates. By opening the “Shopping” section, you can buy individual items for editing and creating unique projects.

A separate service is the StoryArt Pro package, which includes the latest updates in the store, the opportunity is free Use all filters, images and templates. Package paid every month or once for a whole year.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The user can immediately post to the History created image, but there is no direct connection to Instagram. In story art only those created inside will be saved applications.

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Why it is worth downloading:

  • catalog of free templates for publications;
  • editing tools: color change, adding filters
  • quick Instagram post: Feed or History;
  • separate photo editing tools: light correction, contrast, vignettes;
  • personal section: Favorite Templates.

Choosing a template from StoryArt for InstagramChoosing a template from StoryArt for Instagram

Also, the application does not require registration – projects are saved on the device. You can return to them and edit again, or delete.

Disadvantages of Story Art:

  • most filters and templates are paid;
  • minimal set of covers for News, no choice graphic objects;
  • few Russian fonts to create a text description;
  • you cannot create a project on a “blank canvas”, that is, a choice from suggested patterns.

Story Art for Instagram is suitable for quick editing on a smartphone. Templates are offered in a format that is welcome on a social network. You can not only share a picture in Instagram, but also just save to the Gallery.

Usefulness for Instagram

Story Art will be useful to users who are just developing blog or use templates for the first time. Intuitive application intuitive interface, despite the translation for Russian community.

You can add photos from the Internal Storage and Create a snapshot in real time.

Among the categories stand out:

  • for a culinary blog. A set of templates that are suitable for food photos or grocery store ads;
  • questionnaires. A separate catalog of blanks, where the owner of the profile can specify questions for subscribers;
  • check list. To get to know the audience, conduct surveys or profiles for a blogger;
  • for blogs dedicated to interior and comfort;
  • festive. Congratulations to subscribers, promotional suggestions.

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StoryArt Instagram Cooking Blog TemplatesStoryArt Instagram Cooking Blog Templates

Unlike the giants Canva and Crello, StoryArt for Instagram Designed for templates in History only. Some of the options can be used in publications in the tape. Each set is made in a particular style that blends with the rest of the options. The page owner can make the design using only one catalog.

  • Download StoryArt for Android
  • Download StoryArt for iOS

When viewing paid templates, the preview function disappears. Then yes, the user will not be able to take a screenshot from the paid directory, without paying the function.

StoryArt for Instagram Stories and Actuals – comparatively A new application that is regularly updated. To users new processing styles, templates and graphic elements to create stories in one style.

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