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VSCO Cam mobile application for video processing and photo. It differs in the number of filters and presses, which suitable for a single style on Instagram. You can download VSCO at Android and iOS mobile devices through official stores content.

VSCO Features

The application is suitable for home and professional processing. Advanced settings and the latest update will allow process not only photos, but also videos. Pictures stored in memory devices from where the user will be able to access the re editing.

In addition to a set of free add-ons, there are packages in the VSCO store paid parameters. To purchase a kit, you need to register profile in the application. But an easier way: download full A catalog of filters about using hacked versions.

Features of VSCO CAM:

  • filters and editing tools. Color correction balance, light shade, cropping;
  • paid settings. The user can choose a premium set with popular and new filters;
  • regular updates. New applications are often added to the application features that improve editing;
  • Create snapshots with a pre-installed filter. Via grids you can adjust the horizon and position of objects in frame. VSCO Instagram application exampleVSCO Instagram application example
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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

Free access to functions is also impossible without registration. User can create a profile using email address mail or mobile numbers.

The “My Page” section will appear, where interesting Photos processed by the account holder. User he chooses which images will be published.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Despite all the “pros”, the application has disadvantages:

  • paid services. The core set is rarely updated to get access to additional, you need to buy individual tools editing and filters;
  • registration. Log in and start processing offline not it turns out: you need authorization and one-time registration;
  • interface. Users note that find a particular function among all the settings – it’s difficult.

Paid VSCO for InstagramPaid VSCO for Instagram

The main problem of the application is in a small catalog of free functions. Also, some sections on Android and iOS are different. TO For example, ‘Separate tinting: gain or attenuation shades.

The advantage of VSCO, distinguishing the application from the rest – preservation of image quality. By adding a filter, only color balance settings. If the user did not specify the dimensions photo – resolution will remain the same. The application has a category: ‘Inspiration’, where photos and videos of other photographers are added.

TOP publications get professional and stylish shots. Them You can: save, add to yourself or send to friends who also available in VSCO. by going to ‘Inspiration’, you can subscribe to the author’s photo, see where it was made and the name used filter.

Usefulness for Instagram

VSCO photo and video editor will help you create a profile in one color scheme. The user has access to templates for processing, which you can download or use the tutorials.

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Presses are saved in the tab: ‘Create recipe’ during correction snapshot. In the future, the same filter can be used on other images.

For video editing, VSCO has a separate directory tools. Available only by paid subscription.

Using the settings for editing contrast and color, the user will be able to edit the picture without filters. Вcrop settings can be selected as the full size of the image, and square for Instagram.

If the edited version does not fit – you can change always roll back. That is, the user restores The original version of the photo.

In the hacked version of VSCO, you can download all filters, including paid. But such an application does not connect to online mode and accordingly, not updated.

Download VSCO for free with all filters: Download hacked version

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