Dumb mode on Instagram


Dumb mode on Instagram

Updated – January 26, 2020

In the summer of 2019, a silent mode appeared on Instagram (mute), which caused a lot of questions from users.

What does mute mode mean? How to use it? How to remove an account out of silent mode?

We’ll talk about all this.

What does “silent mode” mean on Instagram

This is a mode with which you can hide publications and (or) user stories.

That is, if you’re tired of seeing photos and video (story) of a certain person, then you can his account switch to silent mode.

Для этого в правом верхнем углу публикации коснитесь Dumb mode on Instagram ивыберите пункт “Скрыть”.

Accounts in silent Instagram modeAccounts in silent Instagram mode

  • Temporarily block publications – user photos and videos will not appear in the news feed;
  • Temporarily block publications and stories – photos, videos and stories will no longer be displayed.

How to remove from silent mode on Instagram

Most interestingly, before sending a user to mute mode displays an inscription that says:

You can unblock this person from his / her profile. Instagram will not inform him / her of the block.

But in fact, in the user profile there is no way to display account from silent mode (and in “blocked” it is not there either).

Because of this, you have to wait for the account to exit this on its own.

UPD: to remove from silent mode go to user profile, tap “Subscriptions”, select “Hide”, move the sliders to the left.

The “Limited Accounts” section also appeared. (open “Settings” – “Privacy”).

Publications disappeared from the tape and stories disappeared. But see them can be directly in the user profile.

By the way, the user really did not find out about the lock (for example, if you block a user, then your profile to him not available).

I conducted an experiment: one day I switched to silent mode 5 accounts.

Experiment Results:

  • The first account left the ban after 5 days;
  • The second account left the ban after 7 days;
  • The third account left the ban after 6 days;
  • The fourth account left the ban after 8 days;
  • The fifth account left the ban after 5 days.

Conclusions: currently silent mode is working unstable. He hides publications and stories, but remove the account from mute mode still fails (already possible, higher more details).

The time after which the account will be released from the lock – from 5 to 10 days.

By the way, you can restrict access on Instagram to anyone to the user. He will not see when you are online and everything that he left comments on your publications, only you will see together.

Video tutorial on the topic: silent mode on Instagram.

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