Dwayne Johnson Instagram


Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Dwayne Johnson – popular, beloved by many actor.

Born into a family of hereditary wrestlers, Dwayne since childhood went in for sports, and is the owner of a stunning, embossed body, for which he received the nickname “rock”.

Dwayne Johnson Instagram

You can see the official account at link: https: //www.instagram.com/therock

Dwayne Johnson Instagram OfficialDwayne Johnson Instagram Official

Interesting Facts:

  • Even Johnson’s grandmother was engaged in wrestling, she was Women’s League Leader;
  • Nana is a popular and highly paid actor receiving fabulous fees, as a child, almost ended up on the street together with mother, and that’s all, because they didn’t have money for Existence;
  • Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram is recognized as one of the most popular and expensive (165 million subscribers);
  • Photos with a newborn daughter, collected more than 10 million likes and hit the top of popular Instagram photos;
  • In his youth, Johnson was associated with crime, was a member of a gang and had big problems with the police;
  • In high school, “rock” began to play football, and this passion turned into a “game on a professional level”, while the injury did not knock him out of this sport;
  • Having received the first decent fees for endless victories on WWE tournaments, the young star not only bought his mother’s house and helped father, but also realized his own dream, bought real Rolex
  • A huge interest in the actor rekindled after the release of his own books “The Rock Says …”;
  • Dwayne Johnson was featured in the Guinness Book of Records: for a huge number of photos – selfies (105), taken in just 3 minutes.

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