Faceapp will make Instagram a man for you woman and old man


Recently, followers on Instagram Ksenia Borodinoyuvideli A new cool collage from your favorite: a TV star made of yourself a man and an old granny. In the comments to the post right away questions rained down, where can I create such pictures, in which application?

How to age yourself for Instagram

You can download Faceapp on your phone and make a man, a woman, an elderly person out of your photo person, baby and even stick a couple of smiles. Let’s more We’ll talk in detail how to do this.

Install Faceapp on your phone from the store applications.


Now we photograph ourselves or choose a photo from those that already exist in the smartphone’s memory.


By the type of filters on Instagram, we choose what we want with ourselves create: grow old, change your gender, smile.


Smiles here, of course, are very funny. ?

Make yourself a smile for Instagram

The “Fire” button, as I understand it, will make a super even face. So that, wind up on your mustache, you don’t need any Photoshop, you can gloss over pimples and skin irregularities for Instagram on Faceapp!

Where to cover up acne for Instagram

You can make a collage from all right in the application self-variations.

Collages of myself old and men for Instagram

And send this picture to your friends on social networks. For example, in the same Instagram. Or save to your phone and then show to everyone and laugh.

Liked? Well, I played around with Faceapp once. Yeah funny Of course, but it’s good that I’m not a man! ? But Borodina and in the role men are very good.

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