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Instagram is no longer just a photo service, now it’s a growing social network where availability is becoming more and more important signatures for publication.

For work with the text post planners, editors are offered for photos, special virtual keyboards. Make a post in Instagram can be interesting through visual content and original description.

Features of posts and reposts on Instagram

In a social network, you can create publications only through a photo or video. By posting photos on his profile to the user offered to add a description or use the editor.

The maximum number of characters that can fit is 2000 with spaces.

Various emoticons and icons used by the author are also available. as a marker for important in the text.

Create an Instagram postCreate an Instagram post

At the same time, repost the post you like without third-party applications will not work. To use the function “Publish at home”, you need to download:

  1. Repost for Instagram. Publishing Application Records of friends on your page. Signatures and copying available descriptions.
  2. Photo&Video. Placing not only photos, but also video files.
  3. Regrann. User can edit the signature, copying pictures in original quality.

To make a post to Storys from the Ribbon, just click on Submit button and select My History. “The add panel will appear in Stories, as well as the ability to send a picture or video to friends.

Another way to create a repost is to make a post screen in Instagram. When publishing, you can specify the author’s page by setting “@ and after the nickname.”

How to make a post from the phone

Making an Instagram post from your phone is the easiest. Enough create a profile, log in through the mobile application. For correct operation will have to update Instagram to the latest version. As you add a description, copy the indentation to create paragraphs and text. was readable.

Space application for InstagramSpace application for Instagram

You can indent Instagram on a post in two ways: by copying the value from the Internet or installing the application “Space for Instagram”.

-> Как скрыть истории в Инстаграм

In the second case, you will have to write the text in the editor, and after – embed in the description on the social network. For text The tool does not require an account login.

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To create and style the text part of a publication:

  1. Download and install the application from the official store content.
  2. Enter text in a string or copy. Add a post via Space to InstagramAdd a post via Space to Instagram
  3. Make a paragraph in a post using the standard button “Enter”.
  4. Click: “Copy” – paste into the description under the photo after a long press.

Symbols in the form of a lattice, points and squares. This way you can create lists, highlight important parts and even headings for a post on Instagram.

How to make a post from a computer

Delayed posting services are available through a computer. The browser version of Instagram is not designed to publish photos or video. Users can install plugins and extensions for browsers to fully enjoy Instagram via PC.

List of popular sites and services where you can create post post on Instagram:

  1. Seolit. Posting not only on Instagram but also others social networks. Charts, statistics and settings to enable choose the exact time the photo was posted. Many of the features offered only for a fee.
  2. Parasite. Bulk upload photos, connection settings, templates and free trial.
  3. Onypult. Connect up to 40 profiles, analytics, opportunity hire a manager, downloading directly from the computer.

Depending on the tasks that the user is pursuing, you can choose any of the services.

Instructions on how to use Parasite and do the first publication:

  1. Go to the site and register: enter the email address mail and password.
  2. A window will appear and the green Add button account “. Parasite service add Instagram accountParasite service add Instagram account
  3. From the proposed list indicate “Instagram”. Parasite choose Instagram from the listParasite choose Instagram from the list
  4. Enter username and password. Number verification required phone or email address.
  5. After the message with the code has arrived – confirm actions. Add the first publication Parasite InstagramAdd the first publication Parasite Instagram

At the end of the registration procedure, you need to open the electronic mail and follow the link in the message. A new one will be created. The page through which the publication is available.

-> Изменение категории в Инстаграм

How to post on Instagram:

  1. In the profile there is a button “Add publication. ”
  2. Write text, add emoticons and a photo. Add publication to the parasite via InstagramAdd publication to the parasite via Instagram
  3. At the bottom there is a calendar where an indication is available. time and date.
  4. Click “Add” as soon as the post is created.

On that day, a photo or video will appear on the page, which the user selected at auto-posting. Using the specified services, you can make a post on Instagram through a computer.

Through auto-posting, you can add design, edit photos and even make a post with music.

Framework for a beautiful post on Instagram

Make a beautiful post on a social network accessible through services with pre-made templates. Their list includes Canva and Crello. Through photo editors, you can add frames, stickers or other objects.

Service where you can find the framework for posts on Instagram: Fotor and Fotovramki. Available options include calendars, business cards, and lettering. Editing a snapshot is possible only through the PC version. On the mobile devices will suit the PicsArt and 1998 Cam applications, with the ability to add time and date stamps.

You can make a post on Instagram in drafts, and after publish. To find the Drafts section:

  1. Create a publication and before posting in the Ribbon, click “Back”.
  2. The application will offer to save the post in “Drafts.” Drafts on InstagramDrafts on Instagram
  3. Publish next time, together “Gallery” select the desired section.

Unlike auto-posting, the page owner has access to editing, changing filters and color grading.

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