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The decline in the popularity of photos in the style of “Duck Sponges” for lately it has decreased a lot. Making fun and fun of photographs of this style hit the popularity of such selfies. IN Instagram there is a new fashion on a selfie in the style of “Fish yawn”

selfie duck sponge

a new photo comes to Instagram – a trend.

Having looked at the pages of popular personalities on Instagram and other social networks, you can see how stars collect a huge number of likes, with the help of his ajar mouths. Initially, such facial expressions are slightly ajar lips were used primarily by fashion models and fashion models, now this is a sweet and somewhat silly expression almost every selfie lover uses a photo that has Instagram page. On the Internet for this trend right away drew attention and appropriated emudo funny and funny the name “Fish Yawn”.


selfie fish yawn

selfie fish yawn photo

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