Flash mobs or relay races on Instagram


Flash mobs on Instagram are slightly different from those activists arrange in crowded places. However, they usually also many people take part. They can also be called relay races, and even this word is now more common. So what is it and How to participate in such events?

The relay is tied to a specific hash tag and often transmitted to each other by the users themselves. For example, you should post your photo and write 5 facts about you in the description of it and put the appropriate tag (in this case # 5 factually), and also mention other users who, as you think, also should do something like that. But mention is not required to participate anyone can, even if he did not receive personal invitation. Or another very popular example now: you should lay out themselves five years ago and add a hash tag # five years ago.

Flash mobs on Instagram

If you click on the tag link, you can see all photos of flash mob participants. Their number can even reach several thousand. It all depends on how interesting the task.

How to take the baton on Instagram and transfer it to another

If you are mentioned in the description below the photo with some flash mob with a tag and a request to join, then it’s time for you to tell something about yourself!

To take the baton on Instagram you just need to lay out thematic photograph, write the appropriate text to it and do not forget to add the nickname of the user who gave you the flash mob. If you want to transfer the task to one of your subscribers, just Add the names of your friends to your comment. They will immediately receive notifications and maybe join an interesting undertaking.

Flash mobs on Instagram

Be sure to participate in such events to recruit more followers on Instagram and upgrade your account. And also it just interesting and funny!

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