Followers on Instagram disappeared: what do?


A couple of days ago, Instagram released a new update. Many users after updating it on the phone, faced with a number of problems: some cannot get into Instagram, some do not update the feed. A number of users suddenly for no reason subscribers were gone, and not 1-2 a person, and a whole hundred or even more. What to do in this situations?

First, do not panic. You are not the only ones. To my blog in just two days, a lot of comments came from people who have lost followers on Instagram and who, like you don’t know what to do.

Secondly, you can’t do anything now. put up and wait for the next application update, as the loss of your friends is a commonplace glitch that developers for some reason did not take into account when changing or completing some other function. Sad but true.

Thirdly, to speed up error correction, write about it developers themselves. You can do it right on your mobile. device. By clicking on the link, you will find detailed instructions on how to to do it.

Fourth, the most important thing! If you have lost subscribers in Instagram, do not get discouraged and do something more useful, than just sitting around the phone. Real life often happens more interesting! Good luck

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you to return your subscribers to Instagram or not. Everything will be clear after the next update. Most likely to return. So calm down and just wait!

James Walls

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