Forbidden hashtags on Instagram


Forbidden hashtags on Instagram

Updated – January 6, 2020

You must remember that there are forbidden hashtags in Instagram. Indicate them in publications is not recommended.

Not only will nobody find your publication on them, but the likelihood of falling under the lock will increase.

Forbidden hashtags on Instagram

Check one or another hashtag in 2020 is very simply:

  1. В левом нижнем углу переходим в раздел “Интересное” Forbidden hashtags on Instagram.
  2. In the top of the search bar, write a hashtag with the # lattice.
  3. Open the hashtag page.

If hashtag search works (there are top and recent publication), the hashtag is not prohibited by Instagram.

List of prohibited hashtags on InstagramList of prohibited hashtags on Instagram

If the page says that recent publications with a hashtag hidden, then it can be considered prohibited.

It’s better to stay away from such hashtags. Although on the page hashtag and there are publications (even very recent ones), but putting them is not recommended.

There is a chance that forbidden hashtags may serve as a reason for shadow ban.

Learn to put hashtags on Instagram – it’s easy (see article).

The list of prohibited hashtags on Instagram

Naturally, all hashtags that are in any way associated with adult content (18+) is prohibited.

List of prohibited hashtags on Instagram 2019List of prohibited hashtags on Instagram 2019

Hashtags that may be placed under Content that violates Instagram Community Guidelines (it’s not important in Russian or another language).

Prohibited hashtags on Instagram 2019Prohibited hashtags on Instagram 2019

You may notice that some hashtags are completely harmless, but Instagram believes otherwise. Therefore, do not use them in your publications.

Best to add popular hashtags and hashtags for videos, then the result will be more effective (see. in the article).

Forbidden hashtags on Instagram are constantly updated, stay tuned for updates!

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