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Instagram has dozens of pages that disprove saying “to become a popular blogger, you first need to become popular. “Interesting pages with thousands of devotees subscribers are often the most ordinary people: and doctors, and mothers, and office workers, and even ordinary students can attract an audience, most importantly, know how!

How to Become a Popular BloggerYes, on Instagram realistically popular, but now it’s not so simple. it in 2012 it was easy: threw a pretty little photo, a little good text and you are a star. Now everything is no longer so. Though users and it became more, it is more difficult to interest them. So how become famous?

Blogging is Work

On one inspiration, you won’t achieve anything right now. Get ready do not do your page from time to time, when to do nothing or it suddenly occurred to me that something interesting everyday.

You have to come up with interesting posts all the time, not occasionally occasion, and also process photos to them. But other than that, to promote your profile (all sorts of sfs, liveways, mass follow-up, advertising with other bloggers or publishers, etc.) and generally have a specific action plan with your account.

You must have a highlight

How to Become a Popular BloggerYour page should have chip or idea that permeates all posts. Moreover, this idea should to be original, it should distinguish you from other bloggers.

A simple example. Most likely it will be more interesting for people to observe not after the life of an ordinary mommy of two children, even if she writes cool, and for the same mom of two pairs of twins, or for the dad of three children, or for a super mom who has time for everything: to have her own business, and always look great, and come up with a sense of humor children.

People like to watch something specific: for example, A popular blogger talking about Koh Samui and life there. If you make origami or embroider with beads, this is more interesting ordinary selfies and pictures taken in a cafe. Everybody take a selfie and walk shopping, so this “normal” no one needs.

Be sincere and helpful

And write with humor. Cold contrived posts cause rejection. You do not write educational articles, but your personal you are blogging. By watching you, subscribers first wish relax, and the second thing is to draw something you need. therefore be useful, because many spy on someone else’s life so that to take something out of her: to buy the same convenient a chair from Ikea, as you have, or a beautiful tea set, which will delight all guests.

Work for quality, not quantity

Blogger GirlTry to get more likes and comments, not followers. To do this, you first need take care of the quality of your photos and text to them. Besides of this, you need to be able to stir your audience, talk to her. Ask readers questions, come up with contests and challenges, communicate actively with followers. And how else to get more likes and read comments here.

The rules described above, of course, it is advisable to follow in order to Become a popular blogger. But invent yours! And not bother with the information that you read above. Open profile, work hard every day and your readers will subscribe on you! As they say, for every blogger there are followers!

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