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Recently I wrote an article about the main method of free wrapping Followers on Instagram (and paid too). In multiples, he is that you have to give as many likes as possible other active users (but not exceeding the established limits 150 hearts per hour). As a result, these people will go into your profile, view your publications and chances are that they you follow. But there are other methods! I will write about them below.

First of all, read my old article on how to type many followers on Instagram. I am sure she will help you. prepare your account for active work. After reading it, you can get down to business.

Instagram Socialmatic Camera1. So, the main free way I described above, in the first paragraph, if you don’t understand it, a more detailed description can be read here.

2. Use all the features of the social network, and exactly:

– add hash tags to publications (preferably the most popular and not only foreign, but also Russian);

– put geotags (they are also often viewed photos and video);

– Send your pictures to other social networks. Your friends from VKontakte and Facebook, as well as followers on Twitter can become interested in your photo, and then on the whole Instagram, register in it and become your followers;

– actively communicate with other users – leave comments (but not more than 50 per hour – such a limit);

– try to communicate with celebrities and just people with big number of subscribers. They may not talk to you, but their followers can have a conversation with you and make friends;

– do not seek subscriptions of uncommunicative people – you do not care nothing will work out. These include closed accounts (if only in the description to them it is not written that they are ready to communicate), but also open profiles (people who go to Instagram quite rarely and do not like to like).

To summarize all of the above, the main advice is just be active, open, communicative and interesting other people on Instagram! And I’m sure you will succeed.

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