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Photos are the main type of content used in social networks. To create a blog, videos and photos alone are not enough, therefore need to decide: what to write about on Instagram to a photographer, writer or another expert.

Content plan for the photographer

Instagram post themes for photographers may vary, but relate to the main activity of the profile owner.

What areas are:

  • posing. Examples, parsing other people’s pictures and videos;
  • shooting with a certain style;
  • professional tips and interesting stories.

The first blog post is a welcome message. Owner profile to get acquainted with subscribers, writes facts about himself and his activities. Next is the first useful post using photos and videos on the topic “photography”.

How to draw up a content plan:

  1. Choose a narrow focus.
  2. Identify issues and interests of the audience.
  3. Create titles for publications in the plan.
  4. Alternate useful information with entertaining content.
  5. Set placement dates.

To post different types of photos and videos one at a time, you can use applications and services. For example, Planoly and PromoFlow.

Personal Story – Portfolio

Welcome post on Instagram may be different: in the form an example of the work performed and a story about the owner of the profile.

What is a portfolio in a social network:

  • posting photos. One to ten in a carousel;
  • comparison of works in the time interval;
  • pictures of awards, recommendations and diplomas;
  • reviews and comments from satisfied customers.
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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

In addition, the user can add a story about himself in profile description, under the photo or in the comments. More often create one welcome post and add stories about professional activity.

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What questions need to be answered for the welcome post:

  • write a name and age;
  • indicate years of work;
  • whether experience in companies or collaboration with Brands
  • what type of shooting is preferable: weddings, walks, children, commercial, products, and architecture;
  • communication methods: contact phone number or email address mail.

The last item can be transferred to the page description by adding action buttons.

Interesting topics for Instagram posts

How to lead an Instagram photographer: use useful materials, entertaining content, contests and games.

The main topics for publications should include:

  • how to create photos. Description of the shooting process;
  • posing. Several publications on postures;
  • work with light and processing. Sample applications and programs;
  • contests. Free non-profit shooting for winners.

Entertainment content includes: finding errors in photos, analysis of profiles, news. Last point: find useful material to create a photo shoot or use examples of the work of colleagues.

An interesting and useful content is parsing errors. I.e, page subscribers are asked to criticize their photos, with detailed description and recommendations. This format can be held in part of a game or competition. Winner gets a list of tips and ideas. for further filming. Mobile processing is no less popular Theme for the photographer’s blog.

Hashtags for photographer posts

Of the ways to promote the page for shooting and photo sessions distinguish:

  • hashtags for promotion;
  • marks of models in their profiles;
  • regularly commenting on similar pages.

To pick hashtags, apps are available on the Play Market and AppStore For example, In Tags not only offers a list of a matched method, but also a five-word generator. System automatically calculates similar queries and provides information for user.

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How to use In Tags to select tags for a page:

  1. Download and install the In Tags app.
  2. Open – click below: “Generator”.
  3. Enter five words per line.
  4. Generate – Copy the result.

After, the tags are indicated in the description or in the comments under publications. If a photographer works in a certain city without departure – add the name of the inhabited to the main tag point: # photographer_Ryazan, # wedding photography_Rostov.

Services necessary for promotion to Instagram photographer

One of the available services where you can post your photos and make an active link to Instagram – Pinterest. Photo service offers catalogs of professional and custom work. Using tags and a link to the page – the owner of the photo account will be able to attract the attention of a potential audience.

The second way, as noted by the photographer on Instagram, is to leave comments with URLs for city communities in other social networks. By clicking on the page, an active audience will gather and customers. Instagram becomes a portfolio profile where customers will be able to see examples of work.

Having figured out what to write on Instagram to a photographer, you need to promote page in a standard way. Promotions available at business profiles and author accounts. Selecting a target audience, the account holder must also indicate the city, interests prospective subscribers.

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