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Garny Instagram post planner is designed for Ribbon viewer, photo editing and automatic posting posts. In the app regular updates with new functions.

Application features

Garny for Instagram was originally proposed for preview of the future Tape, with new pictures. User could add images without posting to Drafts or tape.

Two types of functionality are now available: account connection from Instagram and work without it. In the latter case, the user just uploads pictures, can move them among themselves. Also There is an editor for video files.

The main functionality includes:

  • editing pictures. Downsizing, resizing positions and viewing;
  • hashtags and description. You can add the text part in advance and put on publication;
  • publication calendar. Set reminder or buy paid package for automatic posting;
  • save a picture or repost. New feature which Help share interesting posts with other users
  • Downloading your photos, moving posts.

Garny for InstagramGarny for Instagram

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  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

A paid package of features and a free set are available in the application. In the first case, you can create delayed posting by adding descriptions and hashtags. With free – just a preview of the Ribbon, preservation and repost.

Advantages and disadvantages

Garny for Instagram offers a standard set of features, where you can plan further Tape. Using editing the user will see what settings in the photo editors you need apply and where better to place the next photo.

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Of the disadvantages of the application:

  • paid delayed posting. You can only create a reminder for dates to post pictures for free;
  • change photos. No filters or editing options, which are on Instagram;
  • Pictures are not saved as a copy in the application itself.

Functional Garny for InstagramFunctional Garny for Instagram

Often there are problems with authorization – the service cannot connect to the profile, and you can work with only one account record. There is a drawback when choosing images: in the Gallery duplicate publications appear.

At the same time, Garny remains one of the convenient tools for planning publications and viewing them. User prompted short instruction regarding a particular function. In the main menu, you can add another account, but for a separate fee.

Usefulness for Instagram

The application is suitable for active users of a social network. FROM by editing the order of pictures, the account owner will see problems with photo correction.

When you add a text description, paragraphs appear. Written the text can be copied and pasted under the publication on Instagram – the description will be formatted as in Garny.

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Garny plans for InstagramGarny plans for Instagram

With the optional Save or Repost function, users have the opportunity to share interesting posts friends. To send someone else’s publication with a signature on your page, just copy the link. Unlike other similar applications: opens a text editor, a list of hashtags, a function “Save and repost at the same time.”

Download Garny

Garny for Instagram is available in a paid and free format. The user can choose a tariff: personal (free), for bloggers and professionals. With the free opportunity planning publications to post by date. Work only with one account and adding an image icon below.

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