GridMaker for Instagram: creating endless tape


GridMaker for Instagram – a collage maker application, Infinite Ribbon and Slicing Pictures. Available file locations, saving to the device and the ability to select only those items to be published.

Application features

Grid Maker performs one main function – shares one image into several parts. In the settings you can specify the number of elements into which the picture will be divided: from 3 to 2 to 3 to 6. In the latter case, it is created 19 parts: they will be saved in the Gallery folder, from where they can be Publish in turn.

Functions and features:

  • divide the image into equal parts for Instagram;
  • select only those items that should be published;
  • color selection for borders from the palette;
  • premium resize options created parts.

GridMaker for InstagramGridMaker for Instagram

In the folder, all items will be saved in order: from last to to the first. That is, to publish an “endless feed”, you need start with the last one. At the same time, the quality of the original images and only individual elements are magnified.

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If the original image is in low resolution or its size is smaller Required – GridMaker will set the minimum settings. I.e, elements will be less than 1080px, but their shape will be the same square.

Other uses

In addition to the “infinite Ribbon”, the user can share for Instagram panoramic shot. It is placed in a carousel: three Pictures that add up in one shot.

Instructions on how to use the grid maker:

  1. Download and install the application from the Play Market or AppStore (links below).
  2. Click “Open Gallery” – Allow access to data. Cut Image for GridMaker InstagramCut Image for GridMaker Instagram
  3. Select the desired image – indicate below in the settings optimal size.
  4. Click “Finish” – go to the selection of published elements. Select items to post on InstagramSelect items to post on Instagram
  5. Save to smartphone memory.

On Instagram, the user must publish independently: you can immediately download all the pictures, and after that, through the menu “Edit”, add a description.

To cut the panorama, you need to specify in the tools: 3 on 1. So, three parts of one photo will appear, where one is central and the rest are just sideways.

To create interesting images and work with templates, the user will need either a pre-created picture, or prepared project from PicsArts. The optimum size for slicing is about 5,000 pixels at the same height. A clear and not blurry image that can be viewed on Instagram.

GridMaker for Instagram is a simple tool, with one core function. With it, it’s easier to create an “endless tape” through the phone, than using Photoshop or other software products.

  • Play Maker: download here.
  • AppStore: download here.

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