Hashtag what is it? How to make a hashtag?


Hashtags are tags that you can assign to the posts you host. on Instagram photos (and also apply in the comments). It is by hashtags that it performs a general search in the system. Hashtag is a word or phrase (without spaces!) that starts with character “#”. They are highlighted in blue as are all links. A similar system works in most social networks. Hashtag can be written in both Cyrillic and Latin letters. Between themselves hashtags are separated by spaces.

what is the hashtag on Instagram

For more information about the hashtag, see Tegidl’s article. Instagram. And what is their role in the popularity of photographs? You will find in the article How to become a super popular Instagram. Here briefly about hashtags and what they mean.

Simply register the hashtag in the photo’s description – the system will detect it automatically and make it an active link (after publication). You can also register multiple tags in description, which will increase the popularity of your photos.

Hashtags for Instagram

Instagram hashtags can help sort messages in news feed and wall posts. You can register in the search a specific tag and filter all results by that word. Tag the messages and posts you need with unique Hashtags.

Above there is a link indicated at the beginning of this text, there is a list the most popular hashtags to date, use which will help you attract new subscribers to your account.

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