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The number of users on Instagram is more than 1 billion. Such data were obtained at the beginning of 2019. Annually, the social network audience is growing, the number is increasing business accounts.

How many Instagram users in the world

The number of 1 billion takes into account not only active users, but also generated pages, abandoned but not deleted accounts. Every day, the application is visited by 500-600 million people from all over of the world.

According to statistics, the most active country that places publications and does most of all actions per second, is the USA. Following her is India.

The Top 10, according to Statista, includes:

  1. USA – 120 million users.
  2. India – 75 ml.
  3. Brazil – 69 ml.
  4. Indonesia – 62 ml.
  5. Turkey – 38 ml.
  6. Russia – 37 ml.
  7. Japan – 27 ml.
  8. Great Britain – 24 ml.
  9. Mexico – 22 ml.
  10. Germany – 20 ml.

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The number of Instagram users since 2010 is fast has grown over 4 years. At the start, the product did not attract potential customers and was advertised little.

Number of Instagram Users in Russia

Russia moves from sixth to fifth place, often losing the audience. Statistics show that in Russia a large share of activity accounts for women’s profiles (77%) and 23% of men’s 37,000,000 users.

Active regions where social requests often come from network – Moscow and Sevastopol. Next is the Kaliningrad region and Krasnodar region. By the same principle, business profiles are calculated and author accounts. In Moscow and the region, the number of authors from the total the population is – 37%.

Unlike Instagram users in the world and European countries, the social network in Russia and the CIS countries competes with Classmates and Vkontakte. Less popular are Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram is in third place among these sites.

How quickly the number of users on Instagram has grown

Using infographics, you can calculate the periods of rise and fall in promoting a social network.

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Instagram user growth graphInstagram user growth graph

Active audience growth began in 2015, when the application reached over 500 million. An increase from 400 to 600 meant happened due to advertisements for business accounts and additional features. For example, working with private messages. Instagram Direct replaced instant messengers and the exchange of personal letters in other social networks.

In 2017, Stories were offered to audiences who regularly divided by 500 million users. That is, almost every participant social network daily publishes something in temporary Stories.

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