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In previous versions of the application, add a photo to Instagram with there was only one phone possible, creating a ton of extra publications. The function of creating collections solved the problem with placing multiple images at once, applying a single filter for all.

Create collection

The function of how to add several photos at once on Instagram is available owners of the new version of the program. Before posting pictures, in the Gallery of the mobile device must be required Images.

After that you should do:

  1. Open the official app, click on the add button publication.
  2. Pull out the bottom panel if Gallery isn’t opened immediately.
  3. Click the Add icon some”. Upload some photos on InstagramUpload some photos on Instagram
  4. Select the desired pictures.

The user can choose the placement order, specifying which the photo will be the first. After a few added photos on Instagram, you should choose a common filter or configure for Each photo is separate.

To edit images separately, you need to select A small rounded icon at the bottom of the picture. Description for all photos are common, and the photos are flipped using the arrow.

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Add pictures from computer

Option 1: to add a photo on Instagram online from a computer, third-party applications are applied, or official site. Ability to host from the browser version available only through open source and editing.

  1. Open Instagram profile in Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox
  2. Click anywhere with the right mouse button.
  3. Go to the code editor, click “Toggle device toolbar “.

The function translates the page into a mobile format, where at the bottom part of the screen, you can add pictures.

Option 2: use third-party programs or Services. In Chrome browsers, Mozilla has extension stores where computer versions of the social network are available to the user. They are help you view, add and edit images.

Extensions include:

  • download from Instagram – a simple tool that adds to official site icon with the download of video and photo materials;
  • Desktop for Instagram – an additional application that opens social network in a mobile format. Function present saving and downloading images;
  • Web for Instagram – a set of features and editors for publications: text block adding filters.

When installing programs, you should be careful about entering personal information. Some services steal login and password to use the page for personal purposes: spamming, advertising activity.

Verified utilities are:

  • official application for Windows 10;
  • Bluestacks and emulators of Android devices;
  • deferred publishing services: SMMplanner, Instaplus.

Using the latter option, you should pay for a subscription or Use only a trial period.

Placing a photo in history

You can add photos to Instagram history through the standard function. After taking a picture for Storyz, appear in the lower left corner Recent photos created by the user. Open, available selection of folders and file locations. Selecting a picture, when add text or visual effects if necessary. Adding photos to Instagram historyAdding photos to Instagram history

To add several photos to Instagram history additional applications from the official Google Play store: Flipagram and Pic Collage. The first – creates a video sequence up to 13 seconds. The user selects how much time will be spent on one image, filters, stickers, GIF images. Instruction to placement:

  1. Create a short video by selecting the duration of the show.
  2. Save to the gallery of your mobile device.
  3. Add to Stories via standard file selection per last 24 hours.

The second application is designed to create collages. Among available frames choose portrait orientation where add required pictures. As in the previous version: save, add image via the Instagram function in History.

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