How to add a photo to Instagram from a computer


In my today’s article we’ll talk about very exciting many topic: how to reset Instagram photos from a computer. Surprisingly, this can be done even in two ways. Now let’s talk about the first. A photo on Instagram from a computer will help us to fix a small and A handy program called Gramblr.

Photos on Instagram from a computer: how to add

Gramblr can be downloaded from the official site. After download unzip the archive and go to the folder that was just created archiver. This program does not require installation on a PC, therefore just need to run the file called GramblrUploader.exe, double-clicking on it with the right mouse button. Gramblr will be immediately launched and you can start working with it.

Photos on Instagram from a computer: how to add

In the program window, the first thing you need to do is enter your login and account password. After that, you can try to add a photo on Instagram from a computer.

You can select a photo using the “Choose File” button. remember, that before this picture needs to be prepared: in any editor, for example, in Photoshop, bring to a square view (500 by 500 pixels or 100 by 100). After you have chosen the necessary photo, it is necessary Click on “Upload”.

Photos on Instagram from a computer: how to add

Next, enter a description for your picture, and also add required hash tags. Only after that your photo from the computer will be sent to Instagram. If you want, you can share it. and other social networks.

As you can see, using Gramblr is very simple. I think many Instagram users will be happy with such a simple and functional a program that allows you to share pictures with a PC without resorting to cloud services (Dropbok or GoogleDisk).

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