How to add a place on Instagram


How to add a place on Instagram

Updated – October 3, 2019

Tell your subscribers where the photo or video was taken.

You can add a place on Instagram to photos, videos and stories.

You can create geolocation in a couple of simple steps. Start with simple publishing.

How to add a place on Instagram

  1. В нижней части экрана касаемся How to add a place on Instagram.
  2. Upload a photo or video.
  3. After completing the publication in the upper right corner, touch “Further”.
  4. Before publishing, touch “Add a place”:
  • If geolocation is enabled, nearby you can find places located nearby;
  • You can manually find the place (geodata) – enough for this write the name of the country, city or even street (for example, Sweden);
  • Only one place can be added to one publication.
  1. If a place is chosen, it remains to share the publication with your by subscribers.
  • The publication will indicate the place where it was made.

What does the location mark in the publication give?

If you go by geolocation, you will be taken to a page with publications and stories marked by this place.

You can see the best publications and recent (they have increased coverage). Above you can see stories or open a map with geolocation.

Where can I find different places on Instagram?

Нужно открыть раздел “Интересное” How to add a place on Instagram и в строке поиска сверху выбрать вкладку “Места”.

In the tab you can find places nearby, or enter name manually.

A page opens with the selected location publications and stories.

How to add a place on Instagram in history?

Very simple. A little lower instruction.

How to create a geolocation on Instagram

  1. Открываем “Новости” How to add a place on Instagram в нижней части экрана.
  2. Касаемся “Ваша история” How to add a place on Instagram в верхней части экрана.
  3. Add photos or videos to the story.
  4. Прикрепляем эффект How to add a place on Instagram в правом верхнем углу.
  5. From the list, select the sticker “Place”.
  6. We indicate any location and make a sticker:
  • The sticker can be moved to any place or changed (rotate, increase or decrease);
  • By touching, you can change the color of the sticker.
  1. We make out the story further if there is a need for this (see article creating stories on Instagram).
  2. We share the story with our subscribers.
  • If you open the story and click on the sticker with geolocation, then you will transfer to the page with the place.

Video tutorial on the topic: how to add a place on Instagram.

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