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The button “How to get there”, “Call” and other functions in business settings. The user can add the button “How reach “on Instagram to indicate a geographical location your store, office.

Adding a Button

To add a function button, you need to translate the page into Business status. Creating and editing, the user needs indicate any contact information by which subscribers and customers will be able to contact the owner.

How to add:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Settings – Account.
  3. Scroll down – Go to your business profile.

Instructions and category selection will appear. Page owner needs indicate in which style his page will be: store, brand, video author and others. The next step is communication methods. Need to choose one of the options: phone number, email address or geolocation. If desired, you can specify all the options by adding working information.

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Places to add and design

In addition to the real address, add to the action button on Instagram maybe the original geo. It does not match the current location. the user’s residence, but attracts attention.

This option is suitable if the profile owner does not want to specify number or email address.

How to change the information on the page:

  1. Go to Instagram – my profile.
  2. Edit – scroll to the “Communication Methods”. Communication methods on Instagram profileCommunication methods on Instagram profile
  3. Choose: “How to get there” – enable geolocation services on a smartphone.
  4. Enter dummy data in the search bar.
  5. At the top, confirm with the button: “Finish”.

By clicking on the geolocation in the profile, the visitor to the page will redirected to Google Maps. One way unusual design – create a point on Facebook, link pages and set in account settings.

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What to do if there is no address or do not want to show it

Button: “How to get there” – an optional parameter. User may indicate email or work number. To work with professional accounts use contact details – required.

To edit the action button, you need to go back to “Edit” and remove one of the options. Also indicated the information will not be verified by Instagram and is considered only an additional tool for communication.

User can:

  • return to the settings of your personal page;
  • specify other contact details;
  • Use fake geolocation.

It is possible to add the “Get” button on Instagram on the page “The author.” In your personal profile you need to register the data yourself, without an active link.

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