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Instagram stories almost immediately got the status of “killer” Snapchat, because like in this application, in Storeys you can add a few photos and videos for 15 seconds, impose on them inscriptions and pictures on top. Bloggers who are fast figured out how to add History to Instagram, they spoke directly “Bye-bye, Snapchat, now you can stay on Instagram.” A after there were still videos up to 60 minutes in IGTV, this is already a manners on YouTube

At the same time, all the “gray” promotion methods work in Strois. – cheat views, mass viewing (maslusking). A high coverage in Stories is almost the first thing advertisers ask for bloggers, because this is the main sign of audience engagement.

Video, how to use Storis for beginners – in end of article.

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Video: How to use Instagram Stories

How to add a story to Instagram?

In the upper left in the general stream of your subscriptions there is your avatar with plus sign – this is Instagram History. In this separate section you can add a photo and video 15 seconds long, which are made right in the app.

You can edit your photos and videos for Storys, overlay on top:

  • text with a different font and background;
  • stickers (stickers);
  • Filters
  • questions;
  • Two-choice polls
  • quizzes (test);
  • GIFs
  • marks of other accounts;
  • chat room.

To take a photo or video on Instagram Stories in the general stream, click the camera icon in the left top corner. Or just swipe from left to right. To change the camera to the front (for selfie), press twice in middle of the screen. In Normal mode, you can put on your face masks that not only draw the ears of a cat or a hare, but also perfectly smooth the skin / enlarge the eyes and lips.

how to add Instagram Story

There will be a round button at the bottom of the screen. Click it and do a photo. Press and hold for 15 seconds to record a video. After Select “Your Story,” “Close Friends,” or “Recipients.” To delete the History you just shot – a cross in the left top corner.

If you change your mind later, you can delete the photo / video. Or Download to phone. When you watch your Stories, swipe finger up and see the statistics of views and buttons to delete and downloads to the phone.

If you liked someone’s post in the feed, you can make a repost with the mention of the author. In Direct and in Notices (button “heart”) always come those Storis in which you noted.

How to add multiple stories in Instagram?

The second, third, etc. You can make a story or by clicking in the ribbon in upper left corner on the camera icon, or by swiping left right. If you need to make a collage (overlay several photos on one Storys) – this is a collage.

If you want to add several already taken photos at the same time, then at boot, click “Select Multiple.”

Want to add to Instagram Stories already taken video / photo from the gallery? Click on your avatar with a plus sign in the upper left corner in the general ribbon (or swipe left to the right), and then swipe up from the bottom. If you want to add not only fresh photos, but also taken more than 24 hours back, then the shooting date will be on top of them (if you pull it with your finger down, then the basket icon will appear – you can delete date).

After loading, you can apply a filter – swipe left or right. There will be buttons at the top and bottom, to add inscription, drawing, stickers (stickers, including GIFs, countdown), test and survey for subscribers. If you want to, so that only “close friends” see your Story, do a separate list of such accounts.

Instagram Photo and Video Modes

On Instagram you can add photos and videos taken in different modes.

  1. Normal – press (for photo) and hold (for video) center button. You can shoot with a mask.
  2. Creation – a new mode that appeared in 2019 (see video at the beginning of the article). Here you can do Storys with text, gif (will be duplicated by mosaic for the whole screen), “on this day” – your Storis of the same day from last year, mention (automatically downloads all stories with a mention your account), survey, questions, countdown, test.
  3. Boomerang (Instagram) – Instagram makes several photos in a row and stick them together, it turns out looped GIF
  4. Collage – Storys from several photos (from 2 to 6ti).
  5. Focus – portrait blurry background.
  6. Superzoom (Superzoom, dramatic approach) – the camera sharply brings the object closer and above music is superimposed. There are several options for this mode with different effects.
  7. Reverse shooting – make the video as usual, but after publication, it will be in the opposite direction.
  8. Hands-free – no need for video will hold the center round button. Just click her one once and recording starts.
  9. Live – you can broadcast in real time, enable or disable comments, allow ask questions, save it in your account for 24 hours, invite friend and go live together.
  10. Music is not yet available in all countries (in There is no Russia).

Features photos and videos on Instagram Stories:

  1. Unlike regular posts that you add in your account in Instagram Stories will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  2. To save a photo or video to Storys for longer than 24 hours, – add them to “Actual Stories”.
  3. If you want, you can save added photos / videos of yourself on the phone – put corresponding checkbox in the settings. You can download another’s Story or by recording from the screen or through one of the special applications.
  4. You can decide which of the subscribers will be able to see your photos and video, and who – no, add Storis only for close friends. But if you do not have a closed account, then Stories can always be look anonymously.
  5. You can find out who viewed your Instagram Stories, by swiping up to publish.
  6. You can publish the History in your account as a post (so that she appears in the Instagram feed). Click “More” in bottom right corner and select “Share in publication.”
  7. You can do several (as many) stories in a row.

How to take photos or videos on Instagram Stories

Once Instagram made the possibility of publishing a video and this “killed” the former popular social network Vine. And now there are Stories are a direct competitor to Snapchat, and you aren’t scare subscribers if you take new photos and Video Stories 10 times a day. In 2020, many bloggers are already posts are made once every few days, but Build – every day and many. All advertising, too, gradually flowed there.

For business accounts, it’s convenient to add photos and videos, not fit into the general mosaic of the account, or report urgent news – promotions, discounts, etc. To make stories brighter – add text, graphics, etc. and use additional applications.

How to view Instagram History?

View History is easy. As soon as one of your friends publish the “story”, in the general tape at the very top will appear avatar, there will be a colored circle around it. After watching color the circle will disappear, and when the user uploads a new story, the colored circle appears again. And if the circle is green, then this The story is only for “close friends.”

Another colored Storiz circle appears around the avatar and when you flipping through the feed, and if you log into your account. And the most enterprising bloggers made a colored frame for their original avatar in Instagram. So when they download Storeys, they get double frame that highlights in the general ribbon above.

Switching between photos and videos from different accounts is easy – swipe left or right. If you want to see the stories of the same user, touch the right or left side of the screen.

How to block stories? If you uninteresting stories from a specific user, you can temporarily block. Press and hold your finger on his avatar (his profile picture in the top tape, where all Storey). A menu will appear – “view profile” and “temporarily block”. Click “temporarily block “and this account will no longer clog you ether.

Now photos and videos on Instagram Stories cannot be commented or like, but you can send a message to Direct.

How to view Instagram History from a computer

To view Instagram History from a computer, you can:

  1. Download the official Instagram application (only works on Windows 10)
  2. Through the web version (you need to log in to your Instagram account)
  3. Use emulators Android and iOS

Read more: Instagram via computer.

The number of views on Instagram Stories is constantly growing. Moreover, if the main tape has long been ranked not in chronological order, then Stories – still in time downloads. If you regularly add Instagram Stories, then you can significantly increase account reach.

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