How to add location on photo in Instagram


As you already noticed, you can add to the photo on Instagram location Above the picture you sent to your friends, the place where the photo was taken will appear. So you don’t will have to describe in the comments where you are. To add location on the photo on Instagram, you need to do some manipulations before sending it. When you have already filled description column, added the necessary popular hash tags to other users could find your post, check the box “add photo card”.

How to add location on Instagram photoThe first time you are shown a warning window that photos to which you add a location will be available other users, if they want to see all the publications, made in a specific place. But we can remove this binding in any moment. You need to accept this.

How to add location on Instagram photo

By the way, it will look something like the one shown on figure below. As you can see, this reminds us a lot of material searches. by tags.

How to add location on Instagram photo

Next, click on the “location” button. In the list that appears, which provides another social network called Foursquare, select the desired location.

How to add location on Instagram photo

If you do not observe it, use the search bar. If and in this case you did not find it, add it to Instagram. But remember that Foursquare has special name rules places (for example, you don’t need to call the label “my favorite home”, “at grandmothers “or” vicious place “, although there are already a lot of such). In the area photo cards you will see the result. You can now send a photo to your friends.

How to add location on Instagram photo

If you click on the “Foursquare” button and connect your Instagram to this social. network, then you automatically execute and check with image.

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