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You can add an address to your Instagram profile via the button: “How reach “or link. To add geolocation, the user needs to either connect business services, or use the link to Google, Yandex maps.

Add an address on Instagram: in business and personal profile

In the business account, add the physical location of the store or companies can be when creating an account or during editing. Count: “Location” appears in the contact information.

How to add in a business account:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to “Edit Profile”.
  3. Contact Information – Communication Methods. Indicate the address of the company in Instagram communication methodsIndicate the address of the company in Instagram communication methods
  4. Location – enable the geolocation service.
  5. Enter the desired address in the search term.

Account owner can add real geolocation or Enter a nonexistent address. The corresponding page will appear. Count with title and direct link. If you click on the address in profile, Instagram will automatically transfer to Google-maps.

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Also, users can go to the “Address” button: “How get there. “With it, they add real geolocation to communicate with by customers.

What to do if the address is not added

On Instagram, adding an address to the header is possible if installed business account.

There are other problems editing the account. records:

  • wrong place. This geolocation is not in the database Facebook and Instagram;
  • the smartphone cannot connect to geolocation;
  • user has blocked access to the definition service places
  • VPN or mobile data enabled.

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If the smartphone is connected to the anonymous access service, then the data will be wrong. This is because proxies and VPNs are changing user location. That is, other information is displayed, which interferes with accurate determination.

To disable services:

  1. Smartphone Settings – Networks and Connections.
  2. Another is VPN.
  3. Disable active service.

Or, look at the list of applications in the background. If among them there is a VPN – it needs to be removed or disabled manually.

How to change an existing address

You can edit and specify the address on Instagram via smartphone. There are no parameters on the computer version.

How to change:

  1. In the “Edit Profile” – Communication Methods.
  2. Click on the previously specified geolocation – enter in the search bar new data.
  3. Confirm.

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To insert additional information:

  1. From your mobile or PC browser, go to Google maps.
  2. Enter the desired address – click on the selected location.
  3. In the sidebar – Share. Share on InstagramShare on Instagram
  4. Copy link – go to Instagram. Copy link for InstagramCopy link for Instagram
  5. In the column about yourself, add the URL for geolocation.

By clicking on the link, profile visitors will be redirected to indicated place. Add address on Instagram profile not necessary. The account holder is also offered the buttons: “Call” and “Write”.

Through Facebook, you can create a fictitious geolocation. Available by creating publications in the mobile version: “Indicate where I am” and add a fictional place.

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