How to add photos or videos from Stories galleries?


The Stories function was originally conceived as a publication. real-time stories about your life. On idea to shoot photographs and videos in this way were only possible in the application, and immediately it was necessary to send them to their subscribers. However add a photo to Instagram history from the gallery can! True, few users know how to do this, since the application itself is reluctant to share this chip – beloved.

To add photos or videos from the gallery to Stories, go to history shooting mode, swipe down on a blank top place as if you were viewing push messages in your the phone.

How to send photos from the gallery in Instagram history

As a result, you will be offered the latest materials from your galleries, those that you removed in the last day. You can add them to stories.

How to send photos from the gallery in Instagram history

But that is not all! You can add not only photos to stories and videos shot in the last 24 hours. You can put in Instagram as a story generally any image or video clip. To do this, simply download it to your phone in the gallery. And within a day you can send it to Stories. So what to take a photo on the camera and add it to the story in Instagram is real! Really, is it necessary?

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