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History is a short record that will disappear after a day. IN settings available to view profiles of other users, who opened the Stories. The list includes not only subscribers, but also Strangers. Anonymous viewing of stories on Instagram will allow seamlessly browse the pages of other users.

Ways to anonymously view stories on Instagram

You can watch other people’s photos and publications like this methods:

  • Using applications for mobile devices;
  • online services through a browser on a PC and phone;
  • Plugins for Google Chrome.

Applications can be installed from official AppStore stores and Play Market. It is not recommended to download utilities from third-party sources. View other people's stories in the Instagram pluginView other people's stories in the Instagram plugin

Another way to view Instagram stories and go unnoticed – create a fake profile. In this case, A blank avatar and an empty account will be displayed. But the page owner can block or restrict access to viewing to those who are not a subscriber.

Attention: it is not possible to view Stories in closed accounts even through sites or applications.

Method 1: register a second account

The method is suitable for users who wish to be in the know. latest updates of the person of interest. To create a new page on Instagram, account holder needs additional email address or mobile number.

Instructions on how to create another profile:

  1. Sign out of your profile – Create page.
  2. Indicate personal data: mobile number or email address mail.
  3. Come up with a username and password. Switch accounts on InstagramSwitch accounts on Instagram
  4. An SMS message with a code will be sent to your email or phone confirmations.
  5. Enter a combination of numbers and press “OK”. Registration on Instagram example via PCRegistration on Instagram example via PC

For three weeks, limits and restrictions apply. Necessary fill out the page with various information so that the account does not blocked. To switch between profiles – click on the top parts of the screen on the main nickname and select the option you want.

Using this method, the user will be able to subscribe to closed page, view publications in the Feed and History.

Method 2: sites to view

Popular sites for anonymous browsing history in Instagram:

  • The user needs to insert link to the profile, after downloading, viewing of the Histories and publications;
  • Made by analogy with the previous service;
  • Designed to view simple stories and dedicated.

You can use these sites from a mobile device through a browser, or through a computer version.

Instructions on how to view Instagram stories from a computer anonymously:

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade
  1. Log in to Instagram from a browser. Gramoto for InstagramGramoto for Instagram
  2. Go to the page of the person you are interested in.
  3. Copy the link in the search bar. Anonymous browsing stories on InstagramAnonymous browsing stories on Instagram
  4. Return to the site selected from the list and paste received address.

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Using them, you can view open stories. View closed profiles will fail if the user is not subscriber. The same goes for standard publications.

Method 3: install the extension in the browser

Google Chrome users can use the plugin Chrome IG Story. After installing the extensions, an icon appears and the need for authorization. Mode invisibility can be activated with one buttons and will be available from the list of hidden stories in Instagram.

After logging in, the owner of the profile will see only those people on whom he signed. Using the Search function, View other accounts.

The extension is available only on the PC version. Set plugins to mobile devices are not possible, so in content stores you can Find apps with related features.

Instructions on how to browse Stories anonymously:

  1. Launch the browser – click on the three dots on top.
  2. In the list, select “Additional Tools” – Extensions. Plugin for Google Chrome InstagramPlugin for Google Chrome Instagram
  3. Open Google Store – in the search enter the name: IG Story.
  4. Confirm the installation of the extension.

For the plugin to work, you must log in to the browser version Instagram. To anonymously view stories: click on icon with an eye. If it is crossed out, then the mode Incognito enabled. Search for other accounts available by magnifying glass icon: enter the nickname of the required in the search user.

Method 4: Browse Anonymously via Telegram

There is a bot in the Telegram messenger that allows you to view Stories aliens and download photos.

The author of the publications does not know that someone came into his profile:

  1. Go to Telegram – enter in the search Insta Bot.
  2. Open – go to the profile of the desired user in Instagram. Insta bot in Telegram for StoriesInsta bot in Telegram for Stories
  3. Three dots above – copy the URL profile.
  4. Insert a telegram into the sending message.
  5. In the menu that appears, select: “Stories.” Watch stories anonymously on Instagram via telegramsWatch stories anonymously on Instagram via telegrams

But this method does not work with closed pages. But with the help of this method, you can view the publications of users who added to the blacklist. The History section will not display the name someone who anonymously browsed.

Programs and applications for anonymous browsing

Applications are available on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The page owner needs to log in to use the functions of the service. In addition to anonymous browsing, most applications have the ability to download files and do reposts.

Computer programs do not support anonymous browsing. Therefore, you can watch Stories through or Storiesig. As in applications, snapshots and video files.

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Story Reposter for Instagram

The application is designed for mobile devices based on iOS. The advantage is that authorization is not required.

The user can download, anonymous viewing not only in Instagram, but also other social networks. Using the function Share, pictures can be sent to friends with help messengers.

To use the view:

  1. Download and install the application through the AppStore.
  2. In the window that opens, select “Search.”
  3. Enter another user’s nickname. StoryRepister for InstagramStoryRepister for Instagram
  4. The latest “Stories” created by them.

Using “Repost”, the picture will be sent to Stories viewer. You can log in to the application to Browse anonymously from friends. For “incognito” enough not to enter personal data from account.


Popular Android app. Not available to users only anonymous viewing, but also the function of downloading videos, broadcasts, publication on your page.

Instructions on how to anonymously view Instagram Stories:

  1. Install the application – log in. StorySaver for InstagramStorySaver for Instagram
  2. Go to your friends list and select the one you are interested in. user.
  3. In the new window, a list of “History” appears. created today. Stories of other users anonymously on InstagramStories of other users anonymously on Instagram

To view other people’s pages – click on the button “Search” in the upper right corner. Also available Downloading, saving photos in the application memory.

How to hide your Stories

To prevent other users from viewing History or access it in any way:

  • make account closed. Specify in settings privacy;
  • Use close friends lists
  • send short storis to group chat.

How to post stories only for selected users:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the side menu – Close friends.
  3. Add to the list of necessary users.
  4. Go to publication Storys – choose: “Share with list best friends”.
  5. Submit.

An outsider who has not been added to the list is not will be able to see Storis. In this case, third-party services because it is a hidden publication.

To send to group chat, first you need to create it:

  1. Go to Direct – click on the “+” icon above.
  2. Specify the users who should receive the message.
  3. Send the first text notification.
  4. Go to chat – click on the line with messages by the icon in view of the camera.
  5. Take a picture – select the type of display (after the first launch, forever).
  6. Submit.

The picture will remain in personal correspondence. They can view it only those people that have been tagged.

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