How to apply a mask to a face on Instagram: bunny, bear, crown and glasses


The most interesting May application update Instagram – face masks like at Snapchat. Now in stories you can put on yourself a bunny with ears, a bear, various wreaths and crowns, and even glasses. If you still masks did not appear in Srories, just wait, update will reach you (provided, of course, that you have updated application, updated the same?).

In order to put a hare, a bear, a wreath or a crown on his head, glasses on his eyes, a tip on his tongue— (oh stop!) go into the history and select all these pribludy in the lower right corner (emoticon button).

How to make a story with a mask for Instagram

You can shoot with such effects any story: both photos and videos, and boomerang, and the new Rewind (reverse video playback).

Some secrets of Instagram face masks

Now let’s get to know the facial effects closer. The first thing I want to say is a bunny. Try to open the mouth – ears will rise up.

Mask Bunny on Instagram

In a bear, this action will move the ears closer to the crown.

The image of the snow queen also has its trick: make lips a tube, as if exhaling, and steam will go out of your mouth.

Snow Queen Instagram

To make feathers appear in this mask, quickly move away from you phone and vice versa.

Face masks on Instagram

To make formulas rotate faster overhead, open mouth.

Mask glasses on Instagram

Do you know more secrets? Share in the comments, it will be interesting read and, of course, then apply!

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