How to arrange a meeting of bloggers from Instagram


How to arrange an Instagram meetingInstagram world opens colossal opportunities for everyone: promotion, useful knowledge, courses, training, fashion trends and more. But the most important thing is this is dating. Each user will be able to tell a story online dating that has grown into something more.

Imagine how great it is to meet with friends in some atmospheric place, chat, get to know each other yet better to take a lot of beautiful photos. Although you can not only to present, but also organize, an increasingly popular format meetings like Instameet.

5 tips for organizing interesting and useful to meet

Alena @ pro_online_kurs has rich experience in providence events and blogs on Instagram, where he generously shares his knowledge. Want to have an offline Instagram meeting? Alyona told our site how to make your instameet for participants unforgettable.

1. How to choose a place that everyone will like

To get started, select an interesting place where you can not only Mentally sit, but also take beautiful photos. Do not forget, You are going to instadruzami, so it is important to consider the situation. It can be bright studios or lofts, a cafe with a designer interior or terrace with greenery. Pay attention to the light in indoor and background. Your friends will thank you. And not only they are.

How to arrange an Instagram meeting

2. Do not forget about partnership

By choosing a place, you can agree on a partnership. Advertising it will not hurt anyone, especially if you are collecting bloggers. Boldly go to the managing institution and offer mutually beneficial terms of cooperation: you give feedback on the venue, and meeting participants – special offers on the menu or compliments.

3. We come up with the topic of the meeting and the hashtag for Instagram

Think of a meeting theme that matches the place and hashtag of your events. This will unite participants and learn about your event much more people. For example, organize a paint party or tell each other about travels. Think what will happen interesting and relevant for the participants.

4. New knowledge is always interesting and useful.

How to arrange an Instagram meetingYou can agree so that one of the participants shared his experience and knowledge on selected topic of the meeting. Just let it be informal setting, not a lecture or seminar. Instameet is easy chat, meet, take photos and leave not only positive emotions, but also with new knowledge.

5. Small gifts or a little surprise will surprise your friends from Instagram

As an idea, come up with a ritual or symbolic gifts for participants. Your insider meeting will become a source of inspiration, a charge energy, and a present will help to keep emotions.

Consider your capabilities, interests of participants and not Feel free to be creative in your organization!

Communication on the Internet is one thing, but real meetings are completely another. These are living people, living emotions, and right away you can see you man. In moments of ints meetings, unexpected projects are created, cool ideas arise, strong friendships are born. Try it yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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