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Developers have added a new application to their favorite function. Users can ask a question in Instagram history owners of other accounts! Worth to know in more detail about innovation.

How to ask a question

This is done in the corresponding user stories. All as follows. Questions on InstagramQuestions on Instagram

On the selected background there is a small window with text. On him box with the words “Write something …”. It is here that you must click to write a message to a friend. It is sent by the “Send” button, which is on a blue background and appears while typing text. Ask a question on InstagramAsk a question on Instagram

How to add a question to Instagram Stories

The function is available to owners of the latest version of Instagram.

For publication you need:

  1. Open story. Add story to InstagramAdd story to Instagram
  2. Take a photo or pick the right picture from the gallery.
  3. Click the emoticon icon. Find a question for story on InstagramFind a question for story on Instagram
  4. Select “Questions”. Add a questionAdd a question
  5. In the field “Ask me a question” enter your text.

The window color can be changed to any of the the palette.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
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Publishing stories for questions on InstagramPublishing stories for questions on Instagram

  1. Click on the button “Your story” for publication. PostPost

You can share Stories with Best Friends, or choose one the recipient. For example, the downloaded story is available to the list of “Best friends”. Storys for best friendsStorys for best friends

Who sees the question

There are rumors on Instagram that the new feature allows ask questions anonymously, but it’s not. User sees name the person who wrote him a message. After he gives answer, it can be viewed by everyone who went to the story.

The sender’s name will not be known to anyone else, since it’s in Stories is not displayed.

You can change access settings and allow viewing of stories and questions to a separate list of subscribers.

How to get an answer

Nothing special needs to be done for this. After sending the question remains to be expected when answered.

Can all questions be answered user

A person himself has the right to decide when to answer, and when to leave comment without attention.

How to give an answer in Stories

To do this, you need:

  1. Go to the section viewing the history. Find a questionFind a question
  2. Click on the desired comment. Answered storyAnswered story
  3. Select “Share Answer” and write message. Share the answer in Instagram storyShare the answer in Instagram story
  4. If necessary, in the settings you can change the background in the photo. If you don’t need to do this – go straight to the next step.
  5. Click on the “Finish” button or the checkmark in the right top corner (the icon may vary depending on the phone), to save the text. Save Instagram ResponseSave Instagram Response
  6. Publish Stories.

Having learned all the information about the new function, it is worth checking its work. from my own experience. It will be interesting!

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