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You can attach Instagram to mail not only during registration, but also after. Such a procedure requires an active old mail and new.

How to add or change mail on Instagram

It is possible to bind Instagram to mail, both through a computer and mobile device. When editing a profile, you need to check activity of old email. It is located in: “Edit Profile” – Personal information.

Contacts for communication and registration address are different parameters. At first – customers and subscribers can leave feedback or requests To contact a brand, store or company. The second is necessary to confirm registration.

Also, you can change the mail through the application for Windows 10. Features change email:

  • access to old and new mail;
  • account confirmation is required earlier;
  • disabled VPN services when receiving a message with a code;
  • active SIM card if page recovery is needed.

The user will receive a message in which there will be either a link, or a verification code. Further, all letters and notifications will arrive at the new address.

Via telephone

To change the email on Instagram via phone, you need application and current profile. That is, authorization was made successfully. If you cannot access the page – then you need to restore it through your old email or phone number. AND after, connect to the new address.

Instructions on how to change personal data on Instagram:

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  1. Go to the application – log in.
  2. Go to the section: “My page” – Edit profile.
  3. Bottom: “Personal Information” – Erase previous address. Instagram change email addressInstagram change email address
  4. Enter a new one – click: “Finish”.

A notification containing a code or link. It’s possible to go through it, as through a mobile device, so is the computer. For example, if the page is included on two devices.

After entering a new address, you need to go to the mail. Will appear Instagram post: direct link to confirmation personality.

Via computer

It’s possible to link Instagram to another mail via computer version.

To specify new data:

  1. Go to the Instagram site – log in.
  2. Go to “My Profile” – Edit. Email address on InstagramEmail address on Instagram
  3. Personal information – delete the previously specified email.
  4. Enter a new one – from the bottom: “Save”.

As in the mobile version, you need to go to email and confirm information. In addition, the page owner can choose which type notifications from wants to receive.

In the menu section “E-mail and SMS”, you can select:

  • news letters. Via email address;
  • about products and research;
  • SMS and reminder letters.

By turning on the SMS newsletter, the user will receive information about the inputs, letters in Yandex.Direct and comments. The service is charged according to The established cost of the communication provider.

By turning off all notifications, the profile owner will receive only alerts about entering your account or changing any registration data.

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Why can’t I bind Instagram to another mail

One of the main reasons why you can’t attach Instagram to a new email address is incorrect. Or, access to it blocked (by social network or problems on the side user).

Instagram, like other services, does not accept for registration temporary mailboxes. That is, created for registration only and self-destructing after a certain period.

Their list includes:

  • temporary mail from Mail.Ru;
  • mail, dropmail;
  • tempail, TrashMail.

And others. The list includes popular temporary mailing addresses: with a period of use or self-destructing after administration messages.

Another reason an alert may not come is email has not been previously confirmed. That is, after registration, the user did not go to the mail to confirm the data and log in to system. The page will constantly be notified: “Confirm your mailbox”.

When entering data, you need to check the spelling email address. For example, is case, underscore or numbers. Linking Instagram to the mail is easy, if correct indicate data and confirm within 24 hours of receipt messages.

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