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It happens that users accidentally blocked each other in Instagram, and how to unlock do not know. However lock and unlocking – the procedure is simple and for the most active users even mundane. The instruction will be useful to everyone who Interested in Instagram and its capabilities.

User Block Signs

Reasons to add an account to the blacklist may be various: sending spam, obscure or unpleasant comments, inappropriate comments or quarrel that occurred it is unknown why and it’s not clear how.

It’s easy to understand what was blocked on Instagram: when switching to the target profile that performed the lock is displayed number of publications, but at the same time not a single photo, animation, video, Live picture or text note will not be displayed.

Send a private message to the blocked user with a request for unlocking is useless – the text will be sent, but will not delivered.

Sometimes the probability of blocking Instagram is confused with closed account, the content on which is available to a limited circle of persons (usually it’s subscribers). This user can be exchanged messaging, and by subscribing to see all his posts.

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Administration Block

Temporarily block Instagram social networks for incorrect behavior or suspicious activity – for example, a sharp increase in the number of likes or views per relatively short period of time. Inability to log on account is the first sign that Instagram is blocked. what do in this case? Wait! As a rule, the period of temporary blocking does not exceed a week.

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Systematic violations can cause perpetual blockage. scientific record. As a rule, such sanctions apply to spammers who offend other members social networks or copyright infringers.

The latter deserves special mention. It often happens that blocked the video, shot additionally processed by user: as a background, a song is placed that falls under the effect of the Copyright Act. Unlock such a video impossible.

In the future, when creating such videos, you should use compositions with a free distribution license, many of which can be found on the Internet in the public domain.

How to block another user

Before you block a user on Instagram, just remember that this is not forever and can be removed from blacklist at any time. When using mobile applications should go to the account being blocked, click the menu icon actions in the upper right corner, select “Block” and Confirm the intention in the window that appears.

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Block user on InstagramBlock user on Instagram

Unlocking is performed in the same way: through the settings menu and selecting the appropriate item.

Unblock user on InstagramUnblock user on Instagram

For example, a random account is used. This user is not is a violator and does not perform any incorrect action.

To find the list of blocked users, go to in your own profile by clicking on the human icon figures.

Instagram user profile iconInstagram user profile icon

Then go to the settings menu (button in the upper right corner).

Instagram settings menuInstagram settings menu

Go to the “Blocked accounts” tab.

Blocked Instagram accountsBlocked Instagram accounts

The item “Blocked users” is located in the “Privacy and Security” section. At there you can go to everyone’s account and unlock when necessary.

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