How to change and delete an avatar on Instagram


The Instagram application on the phone is constantly updated, developers are constantly testing new features, as well as the location of the old. Therefore, many users often cannot find where some settings are located, because before they were in in one place, and now in another. Such a fate visited the photo profile in Instagram, more precisely, its change. Now to change or delete your avatar (main photo), you need to do about the same actions as on Vkontakte.

So, to change the profile photo on Instagram, go to your page using the rightmost button in the bottom horizontal menu. Now you need to click on your a photograph or the place where it should be, if it is not. Usually such a “picture-place” is a white silhouette of a man in gray frame.

How to change profile photo on Instagram

As in the screenshot above, a menu will appear where you can do with to your avatars, consider anything you want:

– change to another picture from the phone gallery, photo album on Google or any cloud service such as Dropbox or Yandex.Disk, if their applications are installed on your device (item “Choose from collection”); – make an avatar right now (“Take a picture); – upload (import) it from Twitter or Facebook – or even delete your main photo (the very first paragraph).

Finally, we want to remind you that the profile photo in Instagram is your distinguishing mark in your friends stream, like nickname. So often changing it is not recommended that your subscribers in a panic did not think: “And who is this?”. Besides Of course, it’s best to upload your photo to the main page, however, try to make it original and recognizable among many others.

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