How to change Instagram password


There are times when the password on Instagram needs to be changed (and in general it needs to be changed from time to time). For example, you are logged in your profile from your friend’s phone and forgot to leave, or you just it seems that someone else is using your account. Like this to do? Very simple! And you do not need to do this a computer.

From your mobile device, phone or tablet, to Instagram app go to your profile page and click to the link “change profile” (located at the top under the number publications and subscribers).

How to change Instagram password from your phone

Then click on “change password” (the line is marked in bold). Now you need to enter the old password and two times new. In the end, do not forget to click on “save.”

How to change Instagram password from your phone

Follow the steps above to remember that your password should be complex: preferably composed of uppercase and lowercase letters (large and small), numbers and special characters (for example, $ или &).

Yes, continue to try not to “shine” with your personal data from Instagram! Knowing them, attackers can make you more you never get your account and you have to register again. Be on the alert!

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