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You can change the password on Instagram using the application, so and web versions. This is true if you lose your old passcode or if you want to install a new one when the old one is compromised. This is also necessary if the Instagram account has been hacked an attacker and then changed the password.

The following instructions for using the service work only if the account is not locked by the administration.

Using a mobile application

Before changing the password on Instagram, if you forgot previous, you need to run the application on a smartphone or tablet.

  1. Then, if the access code is not saved or is no longer relevant, you should press the button “Forgot login details?”. Forgot your Instagram login detailsForgot your Instagram login details
  2. In the next window, enter the email address to which Instagram account registered, phone number, specified at registration, or account name. Find an account on InstagramFind an account on Instagram
  3. In the next window you should choose a recovery method – with via email or SMS. Access to Instagram accountAccess to Instagram account
  4. If the first method is selected, an email arrives at the email with an active link where you can go and log in under valid access code. There is a link here, when you click on which performs its reset and the appointment of a new one. Email from InstagramEmail from Instagram
  5. Even if the user does not remember this code, you can always log in. via Facebook.

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FacebookFacebook The method is valid only if Instagram account is connected to Facebook. To users who are registered under a different name or do not have an account Facebook, this method is not available.

Web Recovery

Despite the limited functionality of the browser without installation additional plugins, using the web version you can also change password on Instagram if you forgot the old one.

Authorization form in the web versionAuthorization form in the web version

To do this, click on the link “Forgot Password” in the window authorization.

Forgot your password in the web versionForgot your password in the web version

After entering your email address or account name the “Reset Password” button becomes active. When you click on it an email will be sent with further instructions.

Reset password in web versionReset password in web version

Unlike many email services instantly, a letter from Instagram goes in a few minutes. If the message does not arrive for more than 10 minutes, you should request it resending.

Reset password in web versionReset password in web version

There is only one active button in the received message – Reset Password to reset. When you click it, the user gets to the site Instagram in the section for changing the access code. It should be entered and repeat in open form.

New password in the web versionNew password in the web version

For those who use both the smartphone application and the web version, when changing the password, one of the ways to access the service should enter a new subsequent login code.

Secure Password Tips

Of course, complex code can also be hacked, however, the time for it will be necessary for attackers more. To everyone who cares about account security should not use primitive character sets of type qwerty or 12345.

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It is not recommended to use your own as a code date of birth – a detractor who collects information about to the victim or close acquaintance with her, she will easily pick up such a a combination.

A good password must match requirements:

  • Consist of at least 10 characters;
  • Contain uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • Contain numbers and special characters, such as quotation marks or tilde.

The most powerful way to create complex but catchy code – write a word in Russian letters of the keyboard, but in English layout (or vice versa). For example, the rjntyJR2018 character set even using computer selection is difficult to decipher. But this is all only the phrase “kittenOK2018”, typed in the English layout.

If you add here also special characters, the brute force of such a password attackers will spend more than a dozen hours. Page owner such a set of characters is easy to remember – you don’t even have to specially record.

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