How to choose a nickname on Instagram


What to come up with a nickname on InstagramNick on Instagram – your business card. It will be seen by everyone your followers (friends) when you post a photo and she appears in their activity stream, you can find you in it this social network using search. Therefore, it’s worth considering what to come up with a login for Instagram when registering. However need remember that in the future you can easily change it.

What characters and phrases can I use

Naturally, the system itself does not oblige you to choose a specific username, unless you need to remember that you cannot use special characters in it, for example, ampersand or a space, as well as some phrases, such as “follow”, which means follow, i.e. calls to subscribe to you. However, there are some unspoken rules among users, of which you may or may not stick.

What are the fashion nicknames on Instagram

It’s very popular nowadays when a nickname on Instagram is your last name or derivative combination of characters from it. Maybe, it happened because of the great proliferation of social networks, such as Vkontakte and Facebook, where users use real data.

For example, ivanov. Of course, it’s clear that such a beautiful login is already busy. Then you can put the first letter of the name or his Start. If your name is Alex, then you can come up with such nicknames for Instagram: aivanov, a_ivanov, ivanov_a, alivanov or alex_ivanov.

Common “Internet” usernames are also common, such as kiska2013 or blonddama2.

In any case, I wish you not to adhere to any rules, even described by me above, and come up with your Instagram login, original, beautiful and which will no longer be occupied by someone else.

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