How to complain about Instagram Is a child under 13 years old registered?


How to complain on Instagram about a child under 13 years oldrules social network Instagram tell us what to register in the application can only be a person who has reached the age of 13 years. Often children, following the fashion, neglect this indication and calmly enjoy popular photo hosting. If you see that baby it is undesirable to still communicate on the Internet, including in Instagram, you can report that the profile is used by a person who is still no 13 years old. You can do it on this page.

To report a minor to Instagram users, Fill out the simple form using the link I gave above: enter page address, full name of the person you want to complain, add the person’s birthday and indicate who you are to him are.

If you carefully read the message addressed to those who are going to complain about a minor account, then Understand that to prove the age of the user is almost impossible. Unless, of course, he himself indicated it in the description of his profile in Instagram. Therefore, if you are a simple ill-wisher, a classmate, for example, I advise you to leave this empty venture. But if you the teacher, parent or other relative of the child who sees that communication in the application prevents the child from developing correctly, then It’s worth trying to delete his account. I think in this case you You can prove that your child is not yet 13 years old. Good luck

P.S. By the way, for sure, it was precisely on such treatment that they removed profile of the daughter of Ksenia Borodina (the most popular girl in domestic Instagram). The girl is not like 13, it seems, and 10 there were no years.

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