How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte


More recently, Instagram made friends with our domestic In contact with. It became possible to send your photos directly to wall into your favorite social network. How to make your photos automatically got into contact from the trendy Instagram app, read below.

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Set up integration with third-party services. For this go to settings, or rather to settings. You can do this from tabs of your personal profile using the menu button of the three points.

How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte You will get to the settings Instagram apps. Here you need to select “settings publications. ”

How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte At this point you can Connect Instagram not only with Vkontakte, but also with Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networks.

How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte Check the box You will be asked to log in to the contact. Do it.

Now when sending photos to Instagram you will need only just make the Vkontakte button active, well, any other, if do you want to send the picture to some other social network.

How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte And look sent the picture on your wall will be something like this.

How to connect Instagram and Vkontakte

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