How to create a profile on Instagram: 5 steps to to success


The first thing that catches your eye when a person falls into any Instagram profile is the design. From the way you yourself imagine, it will depend on the user who gets on old woman, on you or not. Moreover, the correct design account can guarantee you followers from the search (so called organic traffic or free promotion in Instagram). Let’s talk about all this in more detail.

So, what do you need to write on your Instagram profile in order to did you subscribe and find you in search?

1. Handsome nickname (username)

UserName is the first thing that catches your eye, and not only when the person is already on your page, but in comments, in search results, in recommendations on special tab. If you have an interesting nickname, users can go to you just look, and who is it?

Nicknames that came to Instagram from Twitter and once very popular. Of course, if you are famous blogger (or tag into bloggers) or develop your personal brand, then a similar nickname will suit you. For example, I have a username kashemarina, he is already 5 years old and since on Instagram I don’t I’m selling, but I’m conducting my personal blog, it’s enough for me, although, of course, mama_kashemarikov would be more effective for my profile. Here is an example effective nickname.

The correct nickname on Instagram

If you sell Christmas trees on Instagram, so be called elki_vsem. Moreover, such a nickname will not just immediately show people what you have profile, but also contains the keyword “Christmas tree” by which your the page will be located and searching for Instagram. However try to be original, focus not only on the search.

2. Bright avatar

The profile photo plays the same important role as the nickname, as it also see in the comments, and in the extradition, and first of all, when they get to your account.

Your avatar must be original and memorable, users should be willing to get to know you better by looking at the avatar. Behind the scenes on Instagram it is forbidden to post logos and text (difficult to read without a magnifying glass). Photo must be high-quality, preferably shot with a good camera, but if this is not, then not gray, not yellow, not blurry, without cropped goals, etc. And most importantly, it should reflect the essence of your blog post. For example, like Ani.

Avatar on Instagram

3. Profile name (first and last name) – correct for search

After the avatar, the number of your subscriptions and publications is a field 30 characters long, popularly called the profile name (in On Instagram, it’s actually your name). It stands out bold.

According to the idea, the blog author writes here his real name, for example, Natasha However, marketers have calculated that the search on Instagram works precisely on this field, and therefore it is necessary to write here keywords i.e. those phrases that you would like to be in Search Instagram. For example, if you sell cakes: CAKES IN MOSCOW ON ORDER WITH LOVE. Yes, it’s a capsule (you can also with emoticons!), to be noticed in the extradition. And again original!

How to create a profile on Instagram

4. The profile description prompts you to subscribe!

Under the name field is a description of the profile on Instagram. Right its design is just as important.

Ideally, there should be a selling motivating text, prompting you to subscribe and at the same time explaining what Your profile. Use a beautiful design (emoticons, transfers to new line), calls to action. Experiment – change your description, for example, once a week and watch the dynamics.

Instagram username

In addition, the profile description should look beautiful: insert emoticons, use capital letters, do description in the center or in the column.

The website field is the only place on Instagram where you can put a clickable link. Because there should be a link not anyhow where, and the right one: to your website, online store, author’s course and etc. After the link your publications follow, but their design is already a separate topic for conversation.

In conclusion, I want to say the following. At first, experiment with the design of your profile on Instagram, change him periodically and watch the result. Secondly be original, but do not bend the stick – do not bring to the point of absurdity. Third, adhere to the rules described above, but also invent your own!

And most importantly, always remember that a properly designed profile very important for promotion on Instagram: and for the so-called organic traffic, and with mass follow, and even if you Promote through Instagram ads. Your hat should encourage to subscribe to you!

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