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Selfie mask is a filter that adds various objects to a photograph. Most often, these are accessories that the user “trying on.” With the latest update, a feature has been added. creating masks on Instagram But she will not be able to use each.

How to create a mask on Instagram

Active members of the social network have already tried masks on Instagram from the stars. By subscribing to the profile of a popular blogger, the user receives one or several photo masks at once through the “Stories” section.

Make masks on Instagram yourself if possible beta tester status at Spark Ar, Apple technology. When working in Windows and Android environment, program for creating an effect not displayed correctly.

Instructions on how to create an author’s mask on Instagram:

  1. Download and install the program from the official site Spark Ar.
  2. Upload face trackers and an object to display in it. Spark Studio Instagram Official PageSpark Studio Instagram Official Page
  3. Connect computer and phone via USB cable.
  4. Press the Mirror button in the program.

A tracker is the code by which tracking the position of the user’s head. They are pre-installed. at the root of the program and they can be added without unnecessary download. Next, you need to use Face Mesh, i.e. Correct display of the object in the filter on the user.

To load a texture, you can use PNG and Jpg files. Object – made in 3D. I create instructions 3D animation can be found on the official website of the program.

After the first testing and editing the mask, the user waiting for upload to Facebook You can get such a function after confirmation of the status of the beta tester. Everyone can become one user, but subject to regular mailings and invitations to effects development team.

The application for participation in testing may be rejected if the information was incomplete or the participant does not correspond to any criteria.

This stage is followed by another: unloading the filter, creating a preview and job description. When adding, you need to check on mobile device, editing is available in the application FacePaint.

After moderation, the mask will be available to the owner of the profile and its subscribers. Now a way to make a mask on Instagram for now what not: remains a subscription to popular blogs and pages.

Why there are no masks on Instagram

The social network is dependent on the resources of the device where it was launched. On smartphones, the recommended amount of RAM is 2 – 3 GB. This is enough to work with masks and filters from official developers.

Why there are no masks on Instagram:

  • the device does not meet the technical requirements Instagram
  • clogged cache or missing additional memory;
  • The application was not updated.

Instagram remove cacheInstagram remove cache

To free up memory and load Instagram, the user must clear the memory of temporary files. If the updates are still not installed – remove bulk applications. After, go to store content and check for a new version.

  • Didn’t find an answer? Ask a question, we will prepare and send you an answer by e-mail
  • Powerful Instagram account upgrade

In the event that the masks disappeared on Instagram – check Updates for the smartphone operating system. Many applications do not work correctly on older firmware or not at all are launched.

It is recommended that the user force a reboot. Instagram to restore work:

  1. Phone settings – Applications.
  2. Instagram – Stop.
  3. Confirm action.

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Now you can restart the social network and check the presence of filters. Masks are located in the section “Stories” – scroll through the list of available effects.

Enable masks on Instagram

In addition to standard ones, users can connect new masks to Instagram. They are added by designers and bloggers.

The receiving system is simple:

  1. Find the page where the author distributes the effects.
  2. Subscribe – refresh the page.
  3. Go to the “Stories” and wait until new objects will load.

Masks in 2019 on Instagram can be turned on on Android and on IPhone. The effect may not appear if the conditions are not were done.

An example of a mask for InstagramAn example of a mask for Instagram

Depending on the popularity of the page, there may be filters some. On the author’s page, you can see exactly which masks for Storys on Instagram should be added.

If the method of how to put the masks on Instagram did not help, update application or re-subscribe to the creator.

Masks from the stars

The first to run the filters was Kylie Jenner. By subscribing on her profile, the user will receive unusual masks with cosmetics. An effect was added before the release of her new lipstick collection.

The second is singer Ariana Grande, before releasing a video for one of songs. The ways to now get masks on Instagram from these there are no stars anymore.

Mask from Ariana Grande InstagramMask from Ariana Grande Instagram

The singer Rihanna had a similar effect – one effect with diamonds and second for paired photos. Mickey Mouse mask and many others available on the official Disney page, modern filters are released by the official page Nike.

Such effects are seasonal. Stars release masks which are made in the style of an event: the release of a new album, makeup collection or promotion on the page.

After the release of the product, faces will remain with those users who managed to download and install them.

Rare and hidden masks

One of the rare masks on Instagram is an angel. She can get if you sign up for an @loren account. When subscribing, an inscription appears in the effects section “angel + glitch”. Represents a halo with animation, white wings and a trembling screen.

The angel mask on Instagram is considered one of the inaccessible: many users cannot get it, even after subscribing.

An example of an original mask for InstagramAn example of an original mask for Instagram

A real sensation was made by a girl under the nickname @johwska: following her profile, appear neon masks on Instagram. Effects catalog constantly updated, so users should check the section more often Stories

Constant updates await girl subscribers @dasha_cher. In her collection more than 28 subscription masks. The list includes: demon and angel, lightning, hearts, freckles and much more.

Creators of masks on Instagram:

  • Bagels and crowns;
  • Cardenasbrent. Glasses with hearts, money;
  • Mate_steinforth. Vader, an alien.

If you can’t create a mask for Instagram, a whole catalog of unusual and stylish filters. They can be used alone. or with friends.

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Ar Studio test completed: creating masks

In April 2019, the test of the AR Studio program was completed. If previously, the user had to apply for participation in designing masks, wait for confirmation, now it’s enough registration.

Create your masks and register as possible through Windows and Mac OS:

  1. Go to the site and download Spark Ar. Download Spark AR StudioDownload Spark AR Studio
  2. Install the program.
  3. Create mask – go to publication and moderation.

To place your mask, the user must comply basic rules: the lack of logos, abusive images and other things. Of the basic requirements – the presence of a page in Facebook.

If the mask did not pass moderation, it is sent for re- verification. In case of a repeated error – application for adding a mask will be deleted.

Section “Collection” of masks

With access to AR Spark, an update has appeared for the application Instagram. Now users do not have to subscribe to creator profiles. Effects can be added by watching other people’s Stories. or downloading from the masks catalog.

How to find the effects catalog:

  1. Go to Instagram – log in.
  2. Go to the News Feed.
  3. Click: “Stories” – switch to front camera.
  4. Select: “Effects” – scroll to the end.
  5. Click on the button: “Show more”.

Sections were added to the collection: Selfies, Humor and others. The user can select one of the categories and save the mask in the camera.

New design for mask section

With one of the updates, the mask section has been changed. Now instead habitual switching to effects, when switching to Storis immediately effects and shooting open. The remaining tabs have been moved under section: “Take a picture.”

With the new rules, masks that change user appearance. The reason for the removal was concern about mental health.

How to search for effects for the camera:

  1. Go to Instagram – Stories.
  2. Scroll through the list of already available masks.
  3. Click: “View more”.
  4. Choose the appropriate one from the catalog.
  5. Try or “Save to Camera.”

Another feature was added: see effects from the developer. That is, by clicking on this tab, the user will see all masks that were created by this developer.

How to save to the camera or try the effect

To add a mask to the favorites list, the profile owner must click: “Try” or “Save to camera.” First option allows you to temporarily try on the effect, without saving. Second – leaves the mask permanently until the user removes it.

How to save:

  1. Go to Instagram Stories – select “View more”.
  2. Specify a mask in the catalog – click three dots below.
  3. Save to camera.

To get the effect with which a video or photo was created with friend, you need to go to his Storis and click on the top of the nickname the developer. The user will be prompted to try the mask and save to your personal directory.

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