How to create high-quality photo content for Instagram: tips from @prostogram_


Instagram is the most demanding social network for visual to the content. Bloggers and business accounts accustomed the audience to read texts and adjusted the original intention of the creators. But this does not affect the need for high-quality photo content: in On Instagram, we primarily watch the feed, search results, advertising publications, and only then we read.

How to make cool photos for Instagram

Therefore, among the tons of visual information downloaded daily to the network, your photo should catch your eye. This is a kind of deal between you and the audience. You justify your content time spent on it. How to make cool Instagram photos, what and what to shoot, and most importantly, how exactly it’s not worth doing, Vyacheslav and Irina Stasenko, creative tandem @ prostogram_ on how to create cool photo content on telephone.

You can talk about photography endlessly, and study – all your life. Here I will touch on the most relevant issues for beginners and ladies useful life hacks how to improve your photos on Instagram.

What to photograph for Instagram: on a camera or smartphone?

If you have not mastered shooting on a smartphone, it makes no sense to buy “SLR” – to deal with it you will be long and expensive. And rather all this will end with you just clicking on “button” on the button of an expensive camera.

Start learning to shoot on a smartphone, modern cameras models allow you to take high-quality photos. For photo in Instagram will be enough. Moreover, shoot on Mobile is convenient and does not require additional costs.

Deal with this stage, think about the next, if, Of course, there will be a desire and opportunities to develop in the field Photo.

How to make cool photos for Instagram

How to make a high-quality photo on the phone: 5 main “bad” on Instagram photos and how to fix it

If you have a new smartphone, and the quality of the pictures is poor, then something you are doing wrong.

1. A muddy frame, that is, the image is not in sharpness. what do?

Wipe the camera every time before shooting. Take yourself for the rule. This is an elementary but very effective way to improve snapshot.

2. There is no focus on the main subject, that is, it is not in sharpness. What to do?

Always focus on the subject. Just tap on the screen where there should be focus (the camera will begin to focus, and you will see it) . If there is no manual focus, check in the settings, perhaps this function is not enabled for you.

3. Wrong color rendering

That is, the colors in the photo are significantly different from those that you see with an eye. It’s all about white balance.

Wrong color rendition occurs when there is no white color in frame. In this case, the camera does not understand what “white” looks like. And he she needs to build the right color relationships.

The human eye always understands white as white, even if the snow is blue at night, and under the lantern yellow, we know that the snow is white. The camera can not, like the eye, adapt to different color temperature. She needs to “show” the white color, and from this she will push off. (in this paragraph I broke the record for the number mentions of the word “white”? )

What to do? Frame a white subject, take a picture larger format, and when editing crop it, crop photo in the format of a square (1×1).

4. Grainy photo, photo “noise” when there is little light or when the camera is technically outdated

Shoot in daylight. If you shoot indoors (and it’s not photo studio with professional light), look for the most lighted a place.

Do not shoot in direct sunlight, get overexposure and hard shadows in the picture (unless they are part of your artistic design). Use a diffuser when shooting (clearance) to soften the shadows.

5. Yellow photos on Instagram

Yellow photos are obtained if you shoot with a warm source Sveta. Replace bulbs with warm light with colder ones.

In some cases, yellowness can be edited, but if on the picture has bright colors, everything will float with editing the rest, but this is unacceptable.

All these simple methods will improve your photo by an order of magnitude. FROM by practice, you will begin to understand how to create a beautiful light and shadow drawing, work with plans and build a composition. Here the main thing is a lot of practice, a conscious approach and desire.

What to shoot for Instagram to get noticed

Your Instagram photo content must match the type Profile:

– if this is a business account, you will have selling photos of the goods and related photo content based on the interests of the target audience;

– if this is a thematic blog, then the content will be dedicated to the field, which you are lighting;

– if this is a personal page, you can publish pictures without any concept, expressing through them their worldview, interests, life style.

How to make cool photos for Instagram

The main thing to remember, no matter what profile on Instagram you led, a good picture is not only quality, a beautiful picture, it is also originality (idea, design). Such pictures cause emotion, touch to the depths of the soul, stop attention. It is to such work that one should strive. Be an author, an artist. Create, not fix, reality.


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